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Would I benefit from a chemical peel?

Acne – If you have acne prone skin, then a chemical peel might just be the treatment you are looking for. When a chemical peel is applied to the face it removes the top damaged layer of skin revealing a smoother and younger looking layer of skin. The peel helps to dry out excess oils…

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Skin Treatments that Improve Ageing Skin

We understand that not everyone wants to recognisably transform their features or their face. We understand that simply improving skin quality can make all the difference, the sort of difference that others will notice in your confidence or just as something they can’t seem to put their finger on. As a professional skin clinic, we…

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This is how a chemical peel works

Autumn weather means autumn skincare and autumn treatments, so there’s never been a better time to breathe new life into your skin. As well as increased exfoliation and richer moisturisers, you might find yourself leaning more towards an in-clinic skin treatment to better your results and health. We’re always happy to help with a tailored…

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9 Common skin complaints that can be resolved by chemical peels

How long have you been embarrassed by the condition of your skin? How many times have you agonised over skincare products in the pharmacy and online, trying to make a decision about a cleanser or moisturiser that may, or may not make a difference to your blemishes or fine lines? Here at the Emma J…

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Chemical peels to remove age spots

Age spots begin to appear on our skin as we get a bit older. Although they’re usually harmless, they are unsightly and are associated with getting on in years. This means age spots, particularly when they’re in a prominent location on your face, can age your appearance prematurely. If you enjoy sunbathing, you may find…

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Inverness chemical peel home kits versus professional treatment

Chemical peel home kits really exist! It sounds bizarre that members of the public, who are untrained in facial aesthetics, are deemed safe enough to administer chemical treatment which has the potential to alter your looks, in their own homes, without professional guidance! The reason why this is possible is because chemical peel home kits…

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Would A chemical peel help my rough, dry skin?

Rough, dry skin that occurs as a result of sun damage, or a skin condition, can be frustrating, particularly if it’s somewhere prominent on your face or body and it’s not responding to any surface medications. Did you know that the solution to this problem skin could be to safely exfoliate the damaged skin to…

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