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Acne –

If you have acne prone skin, then a chemical peel might just be the treatment you are looking for. When a chemical peel is applied to the face it removes the top damaged layer of skin revealing a smoother and younger looking layer of skin. The peel helps to dry out excess oils on the skin and rebalance oil production. By having a chemical peel, it can unclog pores, improves skin texture, remove scaring and minimise active acne. A chemical peel is a great idea for teens and adults who may suffer from bad acne, or for someone who may get the odd pimple here and there and wishes to refresh their skin.



If someone has dark under-eyes, red scaring and discolouration then they could benefit from having a chemical peel. Because the chemical peel removes the top layer of skin, it helps to tone down any red areas and balances out the completion of the skin. This helps to give the skin a more even tone. Peels help to improve the complexion by increasing the brightness, elasticity and colour on the skin. Someone who has dark under-eyes, red scaring and discolouration can benefit from having chemical peels.


Fine lines & wrinkles

Some chemical peels tighten the skin by stimulating fresh collagen giving the skin a youthful look by minimising fine lines and wrinkles. A chemical peel is perfect for someone who may be insecure about their signs of aging and is looking to try something to reduce it. It is also great for people who want to get rid of fine lines that make them look more matured like forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines etc.


Sun damage

 Chemical peels work wonders for sun damaged skin. As it is removing the sun-damaged layer of skin it unveils a fresh layer that looks clearer and more radiant. A chemical peel could be beneficial to someone who has been exposed to an excessive amount of sun. If a person has been on a sunny holiday then they might notice a difference in their skin as it could appear dry, blotchy and overall sun damaged. By having a chemical peel, it can help to exfoliate the dead skin away, repair any discolouration and lift away the top layer of sun damage.


If a chemical peel sounds beneficial to you then contact Emma J Aesthetics. We look forward to welcoming you to our skin clinic in Inverness.

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