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Not everyone has naturally full, shapely lips, but even for those who do, volume is lost over time as our bodies produce less of the hyaluronic acid that’s essential for hydration. The truth is that everybody’s lips become thinner, flatter, and less defined with age.

At Emma J Aesthetics in Inverness, we use advanced products from Allergan, Merz, Vivacy and Stylage to help restore volume, shape and definition. These dedicated lip fillers consist of a smooth gel with a soft, natural feel that fills in lip lines, enhances contours, and redefines the lip outline while hyaluronic acid retains moisture within the skin.

Lip filler frequently asked questions

  • When we are young, collagen and elastin are constantly renewed, keeping our skin firm and healthy, but from around the age of 30 production slows considerably, leading to loss of volume and suppleness. Lip fillers work by replenishing your lips with hyaluronic acid to replace lost volume, boost definition and correct dynamic and static perioral lines.

  • Yes, if treated in the correct hands. Dermal fillers should only be administered by a trained practitioner with experience in their use and who can recognise and treat any complications that may arise.

    At Emma J Aesthetics we only use dermal fillers from the leading brands, these include Merz, Allergan, Vivacy and Sinclair.

  • You will be offered topical anaesthetic (cream) or a dental block anaesthetic for lip procedures. The fillers also contain lidocaine (anaesthetic), making sure you are comfortable during treatment.

  • Typically, results can last up to 12-15 months. However, this can vary due to factors including excessive exercise or a high metabolism

  • There might be some initial swelling and perhaps a little redness, but this will subside soon after the treatment. Some people return to work straight after lip filler treatment.

    You will be offered a cool pack to take home following procedure.

  • The fillers integrate readily into your own tissue, and will be gently massaged into place by one of our experienced clinicians, so the end result is unlikely to have a hard or lumpy texture.

“This was my third time having lip augmentation with Emma and I couldn’t be happier, natural looking results every time! The clinic itself is pristine and in such a beautiful location, modern and welcoming!”

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