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As part of our private GP consultations, we can discuss skin lesions, lumps and bumps that you might have had for some time or are causing concern. Generally speaking, any sudden change in a skin lesion should be looked at in-person by a GP. This can be an indication of skin cancer, although this doesn’t necessarily mean your lesion is malignant (able to spread).

When checking moles and lesions, be aware of the ‘ABCDE’ rule:

  • Asymmetry: this could indicate your mole is abnormal.
  • Borders: notched and ragged borders could be a cause for concern.
  • Colour: different colours and irregular patterns should be checked.
  • Diameter: larger-sized moles are more likely to be cancerous.
  • Evolving: sudden changes to the above, or bleeding, itching and crusting moles, should be investigated immediately.

If in any doubt, speak to us as soon as possible. You can find more detailed information about moles and cancerous skin lesions on the British Skin Foundation  website.

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