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Minimally invasive, non-surgical and long-lasting, a MINT PDO Thread Lift is a popular choice for effective anti-ageing. The technology works to combat sagging skin through the use of barbed threads that are placed into the skin, moved into position to achieve definition and structure, then anchored in place.

PDO thread lifts also boost collagen production in the skin. This key skin protein helps to give our skin its supple, elastic texture, but can also improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated look.

A thread lift can be an effective way to enhance your appearance and restore a more youthful look, volumising your skin, improving its texture and suppleness, and softening lines and wrinkles. As with any aesthetic treatment, you can also benefit from a boost to your confidence and self-esteem.


  • The treatment uses patented, 360 degree ‘helically moulded barbs’ to pull the skin into position and anchor it in place. These are gently threaded under the skin by an expert, and are stronger, more secure and potentially more accurate than previous types of PDO thread lift.

  • Many types of PDO thread lift use barbs that are cut from the core of the threads. But a MINT PDO Thread Lift features barbs that are moulded to the surface of the threads. This gives greater control, strength and precision.

  • No, most of our clients don’t report any pain or discomfort with MINT PDO Thread Lift treatment.

  • It varies between people and skin types, but you could see results for up to 24 months.

  • In some cases, bruising, swelling and ‘puckering’ can occur. But, these usually pass in a matter of days as the skin begins to recover. Over-the-counter pain relief and a wrapped ice pack can help with any discomfort you might experience.

  • Yes. PDO stands for Polydioxanone, a material that’s safe for aesthetic treatments and biodegrades naturally over time, meaning it’s absorbed by the body without the need to be removed. Side-effects and allergic reactions are extremely rare as it’s considered a ‘biocompatible’ material.

  • Most men and women over 18 will be suitable for treatment. However, if there’s an alternative we think might be better for your skin, we’ll talk through this during your consultation.

  • Results can be immediate, as the skin is lifted and anchored in place. But because the treatment helps to boost collagen production, your results could also improve over time.

  • In most cases, MINT PDO Thread Lift treatment takes around 1 hour and our clients can get straight back to their normal daily activities or work. The procedure is minimally invasive, without scarring or trauma. However, some people choose to take some time off if they experience any swelling or bruising of the skin.

“Emma is truly the best in the business. Always made to feel very comfortable, and never disappointed in the results that are achieved”


You can book your consultation by contacting the booking team on 01463830149 or by using our booking online option.

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