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At our Inverness skin clinic, our GP, Dr John Elder, can perform a variety of minor surgical procedures for cosmetic purposes. These include treatment and/or removal of skin tags, lipomas (fatty lumps), skin nodules,xsebaceous cysts and benign (non-cancerous) moles.

Dr Elder’s groundbreaking treatments can help eradicate unsightly lumps and bumps, as well as reduce scarring, minimise concerns like spider veins, and tackle signs of ageing, like brown spots. Treatments at our skin clinic include:

  • Cryocautery: a quick, simple and non-invasive procedure that treats seborrheic keratoses, actinic keratoses and benign solar lentigines (brown spots).
  • Radio-surgery excision & ablation: a high-intensity treatment that uses powerful radio waves and treats scar tissue and moles. This treatment is sometimes carried out alongside shave excision.
  • Curettage & cauterisation: treats thicker, crusting lesions on the upper body and limbs, as well as small lesions on the face. This procedure can also remove a small sample of skin (biopsy) for further testing.
  • Surgical excision: removes skin lesions such as cysts, lipomas and benign moles. Sutures may be needed afterwards.
  • Joint, bursa & trigger point injections: targets knees, thumbs, elbows, lower back and buttocks.
  • Micro sclerotherapy: treats leg veins and spider naevi.


  • The NHS no longer provides these types of treatments, if carried out for cosmetic purposes – even if it would benefit your confidence and emotional wellbeing. That’s why we offer them at our Inverness skin clinic, through our experienced GP, Dr John Elder.

  • Yes, which is why we only carry out minor surgical procedures on benign (non-cancerous) moles and lesions. Anything that appears suspicious or high risk will be referred to a Consultant Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for a second opinion, as required by UK Guidelines.

  • It depends on the treatment, the area, the size of the lesion and your overall skin. We aim to avoid scarring if possible, and some of our treatments can actually treat scarring of the skin.

  • We can use a topical numbing agent to desensitise the treatment area during your procedure, which wears off shortly afterwards. Our treatments may involve cutting away areas of the skin or cauterising , so we are always mindful of our patients’ comfort.

  • Yes, all minor surgical procedures require a consultation. This gives us the opportunity to assess your skin and listen to your concerns. It also means we can refer you to a specialist if needed, for example if a lump may be cancerous.

  • It’s all down to the type of procedure you have. We’ll explain more during your consultation and will advise you of any aftercare you may need to follow.

  • Many of these skin concerns are related to genetics, however lifestyle can play a part — solar lentigines, or brown spots, are caused by UV rays found in tanning beds and sunlight, so we would advise to avoid sunbeds, use sun protection outdoors and always cover up safely in the sun.

“ I cannot recommend Emma and her clinic highly enough. She is honest, professional, very knowledgeable and so friendly. The clinic is a lovely calm, welcoming, professional and clean environment.”

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You can book your consultation by contacting the booking team on 01463830149 or by using our booking online option.

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