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Rough, dry skin that occurs as a result of sun damage, or a skin condition, can be frustrating, particularly if it’s somewhere prominent on your face or body and it’s not responding to any surface medications. Did you know that the solution to this problem skin could be to safely exfoliate the damaged skin to reveal fresher, younger skin tissue underneath?

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment that will remove damaged surface skin layers, by forcing them to peel away. The peel solution that our professional nurse practitioner, Emma, will paint onto your skin to cause this, will contain a solution that has been tailored to your needs. The solution will be in contact with your skin for a period of minutes before being washed away and your skin cleansed. Immediately afterwards, there may be a little redness and your skin may tingle in that area.

When this same targeted skin begins to tighten approximately 6 days later, you can expect the peeling to begin soon. The skin will peel away in the same way it does after sunburn revealing fresher, less rough and unblemished skin underneath. The pinkness may last for a few days and you’ll need to be careful not to expose this new skin to the sun as it will be very sensitive for a while. However, soon you’ll be able to enjoy an improved appearance with smoother, more hydrated skin.

A chemical peel doesn’t just improve the appearance of rough, dry skin, but can also alleviate a number of different skin conditions. If you would like to remove sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, or reduce the effects of rosacea, a personalised chemical peel may help.

Could a chemical peel improve your skin?

To find out more about how it feels to have a chemical peel treatment or to discover the full range of conditions a peel can improve, please get in touch with our friendly reception team, here at our Inverness practice.

In the first instance you’ll need to book a consultation with Emma to have your skin analysed. If it’s not suitable for a chemical peel, there may be a prescription-only skincare product that can help make a difference. Emma is licensed to sell the highly respected Obagi skincare range, which has many fans around the world. Please get in touch to discover the difference we can make to your skin.

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