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Age spots begin to appear on our skin as we get a bit older. Although they’re usually harmless, they are unsightly and are associated with getting on in years. This means age spots, particularly when they’re in a prominent location on your face, can age your appearance prematurely.

If you enjoy sunbathing, you may find that you develop age spots before your peers. When your skin is exposed to the sun, the melatonin production that occurs in your skin goes into overdrive, in effect, to build a shield to protect your skin. The result is an age spot.

Age spots are usually flat and can be brown, grey or black in colour. Some of them can grow quite large, covering a much wider area on your face than a simple freckle. If you have age spots and you like to get rid of them, you’ll be pleased to hear that the chemical peels we offer at our Inverness skin clinic will do exactly that.

About chemical peels

A chemical peel, as the name suggests, uses chemicals to peel away a layer of skin. How deep this exfoliation is and the type of chemical peel that will best suit you, will depend on your individual age spots. Emma, our nurse practitioner, will be able to assess the best possible peel solution for you when you have your initial consultation with her. She may recommend a one off-TCA peel or a number of surface peels.

What does the treatment involve?

On the day of your treatment, you’ll be welcomed into our comfortable and confidential treatment rooms, where Emma will paint a prepared peel solution onto the targeted area of skin. It will remain on the skin for several minutes before being washed away and the skin cleansed. The procedure isn’t painful but it may tingle.

Approximately 6 days after your chemical peel, the surface layer, or layers, of your skin will begin to peel away, revealing pink, fresh skin tissue underneath. Your age spot should be removed along with the exfoliated skin. The treatment can last for up to an hour, but the results can last for months.

You’ll be amazed by the effect removing facial age spots can have on your appearance! If you’d like to see the difference this treatment can make, please have a look at our before and after gallery, or book yourself in for a consultation with Emma in order to see some photos of how our clients look before and after an age spot removal treatment. We look forward to welcoming you to our Inverness clinic. Please get in touch.

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