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Chemical peel home kits really exist! It sounds bizarre that members of the public, who are untrained in facial aesthetics, are deemed safe enough to administer chemical treatment which has the potential to alter your looks, in their own homes, without professional guidance! The reason why this is possible is because chemical peel home kits are much weaker and less specifically targeted then any treatment you’d find from a registered practitioner.

That said, home kits contain enough chemical contents to damage your skin if you do not apply them exactly according to the instructions. You need to be aware, that any reaction you have to the chemical peel you have applied is your responsibility and that you are the person who must act quickly to alleviate any pain, soreness or skin disruption you have caused. Reactions can occur if you do not properly prepare your skin prior to application or administer the advised after care to your skin as thoroughly, or as frequently as the packaging suggests.

Using a highly experienced and trained practitioner, such as our own Emma at the Emma J Aesthetics practice in Inverness, means putting yourself in a safer, more knowledgable pair of hands; using ingredients that are targeted at your individual skin complaints in a higher and therefore more effective concentration. Essentially, visiting a professional facial aesthetics clinic, should provide you with more optimal results.

How can chemical peels improve the look of your skin?

There are different types of chemical peels, designed to suit and alleviate individual skin types and problems. During your consultation with Emma, should you decide you want to go ahead with a professional chemical peel treatment, Emma will ask you about your skin goals. Depending on whether you want a chemical peel to combat ageing, provide you with a more even skin tone, or provide smoother skin in the place of skin blemishes, Emma will make an assessment of your skin and give you an informed suggestion on your best course of action.

If you’d like to find out just how effective a professional chemical peel from our Inverness practice can be, please get in touch with the reception team to book your consultation. Emma will tailor the chemical peel solution to your skin and explain the process of administering the chemical peel itself.

On the day of the appointment, you will be invited to relax in our modern treatment room, where your skin will be cleansed before the chemical peel solution is painted onto a targeted area of your skin. The solution will remain on your skin for long enough to have an impact before being washed away again.

After about six days, as the name of the treatment suggests, skin in the area that received the treatment, will begin to harden and peel away. This exfoliation will reveal younger, fresher skin tissue underneath, free from the blemishes or wrinkles you were keen to remove. Please get in touch to book your consultation today. Emma will be able to give you an idea of the difference she can make to your skin and consequently, the confidence you have in your looks.

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