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When it comes to your skin, we know better than anyone that each person is a unique individual with their own distinct skin tone, type and texture. But one thing we can definitely say is that throughout the years, you’ll take a different focus with your appearance – and when age comes into the mix, there are always special recommendations we can make to keep you looking and feeling your best.

In this post, the team at our Inverness skin clinic share our recommended anti-ageing treatments for each decade, so you’ll get the best out of your skin.

The roaring twenties

In your twenties, wrinkles seem a long way off! In fact, it’s more about celebrating smooth and clear skin, especially if you’ve suffered from acne as a teen – a reason why chemical peels are often recommended for this age group.

Our anti-ageing treatments for this decade are more of a preventative measure, to try and offset the development of any wrinkles, which can be achieved through good skincare and using sun protection while out and about (even in your make-up!).

The thrilling thirties

With greater career prospects and many people starting families, you might find you –and your skin – have taken a bit of a backseat! As always, skincare is a great starting point and proactive, preventative care may still be your main focus.

However, if any signs of fine lines and wrinkles have begun to appear, chemical peel anti-ageing treatments can help refresh and reset skin. You may also being to see a loss of volume in areas of the face and lips, so dermal fillers may also be a recommended anti-ageing treatment.

The fabulous forties

Collagen production declines year-on-year, starting from when you’re in your mid-twenties, but you may not notice the effects of this til you reach your mid-thirties or even forties. The result is a loss of volume, and sun damage may be more apparent – from pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles.

Our suggested anti-ageing treatments for this decade include dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and dermapen (also known as microneedling), which works to aid skin healing and boost collagen production.

The fantastic fifties & sexy sixties

Later in life, you might finally get a bit more time to yourself and be able to focus on what really matters – you! However, with greater age comes more chance of skin concerns such as wrinkles, loss of volume and sun spots.

One of our favourite anti-ageing treatments for these decades is ultherapy, which lifts, tightens and perfects skin- ideal for slacker areas such as the neck, chin, jowl and brow.

Discover the secret to incredible skin today

Whatever your age or gender, we can help your skin look and feel as good as it gets. Get in touch with our team today here at our Inverness skin clinic, and we’ll book you in for a bespoke consultation.

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