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Non-surgical skin tightening for the neck and chest

We pay so much attention to our face skin that we have dedicated skincare routines for winter, summer, and all else in between. Why do we not pay the skin on our neck and chest the same love and care? When we protect our skin from the sun day-to-day, we often forget the fact that…

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Why Ultherapy is perfect for ageing skin

No matter what we do or how hard we try, the signs of ageing will eventually creep up on us all. While we can’t halt this natural process, there are certain tips, tricks, and treatments that help minimise the prominence of the visible signs and promote your skin’s health in turn. Let’s explore the signs…

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How to achieve a natural neck lift

The signs of ageing appear on our face notably and readily, this we all know. But anywhere that the sun touches, literally, can be subject to premature and visible ageing. Sun damages causes fine lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, volume loss, and hyperpigmentation, and we most readily protect our face from these harmful rays. However,…

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Ultherapy: Everything you need to know

We at Emma J Aesthetics are so passionate about Ultherapy and what it can achieve for our clients. We’re always taking about it on our Facebook page, where you can find demonstration videos and treatment photos, but you might’ve missed certain posts and media about it. In this blog post, we’re going to explore absolutely…

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Non-surgical facelift: is it really possible?

A non-surgical facelift may seem too good to be true. Can we really rejuvenate ageing skin, tighten problem areas, and restore volume without breaking the surface? The first surgical facelift was reported to have taken place in Germany in 1916, but it has come a long long way since then. So long, in fact, that…

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