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The signs of ageing appear on our face notably and readily, this we all know. But anywhere that the sun touches, literally, can be subject to premature and visible ageing. Sun damages causes fine lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, volume loss, and hyperpigmentation, and we most readily protect our face from these harmful rays. However, what we don’t consider is that our neck and chest are commonly exposed even just in round-neck tops every day. This ensures they receive a daily dose of sun exposure that, after time, appears as ageing skin that we’d rather not have. Traditionally, treating these signs in the skin was only possible via surgery, but is there a non-surgical way to rejuvenate the neck? Introducing the non-surgical neck lift using Ultherapy!


Why not surgery?

Surgery represents a big investment both of your time and your money. The procedure takes hours, involves undergoing general anaesthetic, and optimal results are achieved within six months! The decision to undergo this kind of surgery also involves consideration for all the risks associated with it. Facial asymmetry, infection, scarring, and loss of sensation in the area are all risks associated with this kind of surgery and unsatisfactory results could mean returning for more invasive procedures. This is why we’re not amazingly enthused by going under the knife; it takes a lot out of you altogether and comes with a lot of downsides! Recovery takes months and involves the wearing of bandages and even surgical drains to collect excess fluid beneath the skin. The recovery and after-care process aren’t entirely subtle, so when seeking results that are quickly noticeable to yourself though not glaringly obvious to others you may want to steer clear of surgery.


Are there alternatives to the surgical neck lift?

A treatment that we believe is far superior to the surgical neck lift is Ultherapy. There are many benefits to using Ultherapy instead of surgery, and we’re going to compare them for you. A surgical neck lift takes months upon months to fully heal and for you and your skin to make a full, back-to-normality recovery. With Ultherapy, a full recovery is made on the same day that treatment is received. Only slight tingling, numbness, and a little redness will occur for a few hours, but by the next day these should have considerably ebbed. Another great benefit of this non-surgical neck lift is that there is no need for dressings, bandages, or noticeable recovery apparatus that is going to tell everyone about your treatment. In fact, there is no cutting or breaking the skin at all, so once your redness has dissolved there will be no indication (other than your great results) that you’ve visited our Inverness aesthetic clinic. Your results are seen after just one treatment and continue to develop for two to three more months. Rather than cutting and pulling the skin into position, Ultherapy delivers ultrasound energy deep beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate the natural building of collagen. This rejuvenates the skin from the inside-out rather than forcing it into position via cuts and sutures.


Ultherapy is capable of a lot more, too. Think eyebrow lifting, smoothing the jowls, and naturally re-plumping the cheeks! This fantastic treatment is available from Emma J Aesthetics, so don’t hesitate to enquire online or call us on 01463 830149.

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