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We pay so much attention to our face skin that we have dedicated skincare routines for winter, summer, and all else in between. Why do we not pay the skin on our neck and chest the same love and care? When we protect our skin from the sun day-to-day, we often forget the fact that even in round-neck tops or blouses that are neck, collarbone, and area above the breasts is often a little exposed. This constant top-up of radiation from the sun and environmental factors leads to thinning skin, loss of volume, and wrinkles. Is there a treatment that lifts the skin on your neck and chest, too?


Non-surgical skin tightening for a neck lift

The answer lies within Ultherapy in Inverness. Ultherapy treatment uses ground-breaking technology that non-surgically lifts, firms, and plumps ageing and thinning skin. The treatment works by using your body’s natural repair systems to boost the production of collagen and elastin within your skin. These skin proteins are essential to firmness, laxity, and bounce, so reintroducing these qualities successfully rejuvenates the skin from the inside-out. It’s exceptional when used in areas of the face such as chin, jowls, and cheeks, but it is also very effective and perfectly safe to use on the neck and chest.


We don’t even break the skin

Ultherapy is delivered in a hand-held device, so there is no cutting or invading of the skin for your treatment. The device delivers concentrated ultrasound energy deep within your skin to stimulate the growth of new collagen. We use the advanced ultrasound imaging to view deep within the skin to determine the optimal placement of treatment energy, and then begin treatment shortly thereafter.


Who is suitable for Ultherapy?

There is no long list of reasons to not have non-surgical skin tightening with Ultherapy, because it is suitable for all skin types. Those who will see the best results of Ultherapy are clients with some degree of skin laxity that sometimes looks or feels less firm. The first signs of sagging skin often begin in areas where the skin is already naturally a little thin. Your cheeks, for example, tend to have more tissue structure than the skin your eyebrows sit down, which is why your eyebrows can begin to droop first. The same goes for forming jowls and a softened jaw line, because this skin is already being pulled down the face. Luckily, around the jowls and eyes is where Ultherapy can also treat too!


Ultherapy for the décolletage

When we talk about Ultherapy for the chest, we often refer to it as the décolletage. This is a fancier way of describing the area between your collarbones and the tops of your breast tissue above your rib cage. It is the middle ground between neck and breasts and can often exhibit signs of sun damage and ageing. Hyperpigmentation and sun spots are no stranger in this area because of the normal day-to-day sun exposure we experience when we step outside. There aren’t a lot of treatments that can treat this sensitive area. The skin is already a little thin, and dermal fillers have been used here only to produce noticeable lumps and bumps beneath the skin. Because Ultherapy acts as non-surgical skin tightening and firming with the body’s natural processes, you could be surprised at just how easy it is to achieve the results you’d like!


To find out more about Ultherapy in Inverness, contact Emma J Aesthetics team on 01463 830149 or enquire online today.

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