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Dermal Filler Safety

In the realm of cosmetic enhancements, dermal fillers have become a cornerstone treatment for those seeking to rejuvenate and revitalise their appearance. At Emma J Aesthetics, we understand the allure of this minimally invasive procedure and are committed to providing our clients with information that demystifies the process and ensures their comfort and confidence in…

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Why You Should Choose Our Inverness Skin Clinic

As a well-known skin clinic here in Inverness, we’re proud to have a loyal client base of people who regularly come to us for all things beauty, from body to facial aesthetics. But, we’re also happy to see new faces, and lots of our lovely clients come to us after hearing about our range of…

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5 Reasons To Visit A Skin Clinic In Inverness

If you’re looking for a top-notch skin clinic in Inverness, then why not give Emma J Aesthetics a call? From our impressive roster of procedures to our incredible results, there’s loads of great reasons to try us for your next tweakment. Our range of treatments There’s so much we can do for your appearance here…

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Top Treatments By Age

It seems like the older we get, the more we have to worry about! Balancing work, home life and socialising with friends is bad enough, but when we try to make time for ourselves too, it can seem difficult to fit everything in. At our Inverness skin clinic, we think it’s about time you put…

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Why is my Skincare Routine not working?

Your skin is unique to you, so why isn’t your skincare routine? There are so many skincare products available that often we don’t realise what is the and isn’t right for us. There are plenty of reasons skincare routines don’t perform as we think they will, and we at Emma J Aesthetics are in Inverness…

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The Skin Clinic Guide to Treating Acne

There are so many negative and incorrect assumptions about acne, which are often more embarrassing than the actual skin condition itself. Acne is falsely associated with teenage hormones, so when it follows many adults into their 20s and 30s they can feel ashamed and unattractive. There is no such thing as ‘adult acne’, because acne…

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The skin clinic guide to good sleep and good skin

When you’re well-rested, so is your body and so is your skin! Your skin can tell all of your secrets, whether you secretly sleep in makeup or are pulling some very late nights. As your faithful skin clinic, we want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep so you can wake up in the morning…

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Skin clinic tips: the link between skin and lifestyle

Your skin is the physical manifestation of how well you live and look after your body. If you’re not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water, and not cleansing your skin, then this is going to show in its appearance and overall health. While a lot of complex skin conditions can be genetic, there is a…

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Can you treat hyperpigmentation?

Do you have irregular brown skin patches that are out of sync with the rest of your skin tone? Large or small brown patches which stand out against the paler surrounding skin background in an unsightly way is known as hyperpigmentation. It’s a condition that can cause people to feel highly self-conscious, especially when it…

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