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When you’re well-rested, so is your body and so is your skin! Your skin can tell all of your secrets, whether you secretly sleep in makeup or are pulling some very late nights. As your faithful skin clinic, we want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep so you can wake up in the morning and make every day a good skin day.

Developing dark circles

Dark circles appear when your blood vessels dilate, and puffy eyes when you’re tired appear because the fatty tissues surrounding our eyes fill with water and make them appear puffy. Making sure you get enough sleep helps your eyes to appear literally more awake as the day goes on, as they are won’t be puffy or irritated or encircled by dark under-eye hollows! ZO Skin Health does have a product for this, Olluminate Eye Repair, that will help minimise the inflammation under your eyes.

Take a break from devices

When you use devices before bed, such as a laptop or smartphone or tablet, you are exposing your eyes and your skin to their screen light. Their light uses the blue daylight spectrum that stimulates your eyes and melatonin levels to keep you awake. Give yourself a break from screens for about an hour or so before you go to bed to ensure you are well-rested and therefore your skin will be too.

Your bedding and sheets

Your bedding and sheets are either your skin’s best friend, or its worst nightmare. Rough sheets and fabrics don’t provide the slip your skin needs to move freely over the pillows as you turn in the night, pulling on and roughing up your skin. Also, not washing your bedding enough could be detrimental to your skin. Your pillowcases come into contact with the natural oils from your hair, skin, and dead skin cells that have already been shed. If you don’t wash your pillowcases enough, you’re constantly reintroducing your skin to old oils and old skin cells that will sit atop its surface and block your pores. This could lead to breakouts and blemishes. Make sure you wash your bedding and pillowcases every few weeks to remove the skin and hair debris and keep your complexion fresh.

De-stressing before bed

Lowering stress levels before going to bed is a sure-fire way to get a better night’s sleep and wake up with fresher skin in the morning. When you’re stressed, your adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol, which affects blood flow throughout the body and damages collagen in your skin. This accelerates the ageing process and hinders your skin’s ability to repair itself, which results in skin fatigue. You also won’t be able to sleep as well as should do, because of the restlessness instilled by the cortisol. Destress before bed with a green tea, some light exercise, or giving yourself an hour’s break from screens and other stimuli.

Visit your skin clinic

If you’re starting to notice changes in your skin, visit your skin clinic in Inverness to learn how you could better your complexion. We at Emma J Aesthetics offer professional skin clinic products and treatments to help you transform your skin. Book your initial consultation on 01463 830149 today.

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