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It seems like the older we get, the more we have to worry about! Balancing work, home life and socialising with friends is bad enough, but when we try to make time for ourselves too, it can seem difficult to fit everything in. At our Inverness skin clinic, we think it’s about time you put yourself first – whatever your age. That’s why we’re revealing our 3 top treatments by decade, giving you an insight into which of our aesthetics procedures can give you that much-needed boost to confidence and wellbeing.

The twenties

In your twenties, you don’t need to worry about ageing – phew! Instead, it’s more about preventing those first signs of ageing from creeping in. Here’s what we recommend…

* Chemical peels – shift teenage acne scarring and press reset on your skin.
* Microneedling – encourage the skin to produce collagen, maintaining elasticity and youth.
* Zo Skin Health – with therapeutic benefits, these treat skin problems while setting the foundation for a good skincare routine.

The thirties

In this decade, you might start to notice early signs of ageing – but there’s still lots you can do to prevent those pesky lines and wrinkles. Our skin clinic team recommend…

* Chemical peels – if you’ve started to notice signs of sun damage and pigmentation, this treatment can help your skin get back on track.
* Lip fillers – boost volume and definition in a subtle-looking way.
* Zo Skin Health – as with your twenties, a skincare routine is important to establish as early as possible.

The forties

Lines and wrinkles are almost unavoidable in this decade, which is why tricks and tweakments can make all the difference. Here are the top recommendations from our skin clinic experts…
* Dermal fillers – contour, volumise and ‘fill in’ deeper lines and wrinkles.
* Botox – freeze away finer lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes.
* Microneedling – kickstart your skin’s collagen production to create tighter-looking skin

The fifties, sixties & beyond

In these decades, you’ll know your skin well – and will be able to see how it’s changed over the years. If you’ve been following a good skincare routine and have had aesthetic treatments in the past, you’ll also have the benefit of wisdom, and will know exactly what works for you. Here are our recommendations…
* Ultherapy – this is a one-off treatment that lifts and tightens neck, chin and jowl.
* Dermal fillers – restore loss of volume and smooth out deeper lines and wrinkles.
* Botox – target finer lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.

Before you book…

Whatever treatment you’re interested in, you’ll first need to book a consultation here at our Inverness skin clinic with our experts. To enquire today, visit our contact page.

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