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Dermal Filler Safety

In the realm of cosmetic enhancements, dermal fillers have become a cornerstone treatment for those seeking to rejuvenate and revitalise their appearance. At Emma J Aesthetics, we understand the allure of this minimally invasive procedure and are committed to providing our clients with information that demystifies the process and ensures their comfort and confidence in…

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Where can dermal fillers be used?

Dermal fillers have become increasingly popular in recent years, revolutionising the field of cosmetic procedures. Whether you are considering fillers for the first time or simply interested in learning more, this comprehensive guide, by our Inverness experts, will provide you with valuable insights. The Role of Dermal Fillers in Cosmetic Procedures Dermal fillers are injectable…

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What Are Dermal Fillers

If you’re hoping for a groundbreaking anti-ageing treatment, you can’t go wrong with dermal fillers. Available at our Inverness aesthetics clinic, they’re a fantastic way to create more youthful skin – while restoring your self-confidence. Find out what they are, what they’re made of and all about their benefits in today’s blog post. What are…

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Dermal Fillers for Acne Scarring

Acne is a skin condition characterised by spots, patches of red skin and often, scarring in areas where spots have burst or emptied. Spots can vary between pus-filled pimples (known as papules, pustules and nodules) as well as blackheads and whiteheads (bumps in the skin that form in the hair follicles). Some people can also…

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How To Prepare For Dermal Fillers

Smooth and moisturised skin, plumped features, softened lines and wrinkles… Is there any skin wonder that dermal fillers can’t achieve? Here at our Inverness skin clinic, it’s one of our top treatments, and it’s easy to see why. Our clients love how quick and easy treatment is, and how soon they see results. It’s also easy…

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What To Expect After Dermal Fillers

When it comes to enhancing your appearance, dermal fillers are a popular choice. Useful for sculpting and smoothing the skin, they can target deep-set lines and wrinkles, boost volume and create facial symmetry. They have an excellent track record both for safety and results, making them a good, solid choice for anyone. And, they’re also…

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Is Cheek Filler Safe?

As an aesthetic skin specialist, we work with you to create incredible results that boost your confidence and appearance. Today, we’ll look at cheek fillers, that is dermal fillers in the cheeks, to answer some common questions about what they’re used for, how long they last and, of course, risks and safety. What is cheek…

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Anti-Ageing Treatments: Dispelling Common Myths

Ageing is a natural part of being human, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with being unhappy about our appearance. Anti-ageing treatments are on the rise globally, especially with us living (and working) longer than ever. At our skin clinic here in Inverness, our experts focus on two treatments – lip fillers and…

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Dermal Fillers Treatment By Area

Are you considering dermal fillers treatment? If so, we can help. Here at Emma J, your local Inverness skin clinic, our specialist team have been carrying out a range of aesthetic treatments for years, helping men and women feel more youthful, more confident and more ‘like me’.In Inverness and the surrounding areas, our medical practitioners…

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