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Acne is a skin condition characterised by spots, patches of red skin and often, scarring in areas where spots have burst or emptied. Spots can vary between pus-filled pimples (known as papules, pustules and nodules) as well as blackheads and whiteheads (bumps in the skin that form in the hair follicles). Some people can also develop cysts, which are more likely to scar the skin.

Woman with acne | Emma J Aesthetics | Inverness

What causes acne?

Causes of acne range from hormones and hereditary issues to triggers like diet. Acne can also worsen through excessive washing, which aggravates skin. It develops when sebum (oil) in the skin reacts with natural bacteria, P. acnes, which leads to inflammation.

Does acne go away by itself?

Sometimes, but not always – and in lots of cases of acne, scarring can develop. This is particularly debilitating for sufferers, affecting confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, acne scarring won’t clear up on its own. That’s why acne scarring treatment is essential.

What can I use to treat acne scarring?

We offer dermal fillers at our Inverness skin clinic. These help to plump the skin, so it looks smooth, youthful and hydrated. The active ingredient – hyaluronic acid – is known for its volumising properties, so dermal fillers can be a very effective way to reduce the characteristic dimpling of the skin that acne scars can produce.

Are dermal fillers commonly used for acne scarring?

They are often used as an anti-ageing treatment but have skin-refining properties, which makes them a great choice for acne scarring. Results can be immediate and are long-lasting, with many people seeing smoother skin for up to 18 months.

Are dermal fillers safe for acne scarring?

Absolutely. Dermal fillers are stringently tested and have been used as an acne scar treatment for decades. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in administering dermal fillers and other injectable treatments.

What else can I try for my acne scars?

We also recommend our Dermapen treatment. This uses fine needles to gently puncture the skin and encourage healing and renewal, which effectively resurfaces from the outside in. In some cases, a course of treatments is needed for best results. Microneedling results can also take some time to develop, but these are lasting.

Woman with clear skin | Emma J Aesthetics | Inverness

What’s the process for acne scar treatment?

It begins with a consultation at our skin clinic in Inverness. We’ll assess your skin, get to know your history and decide which treatments are suitable. Then, we’ll put together a tailored treatment plan outlining our recommendations.

How do I book a consultation?

For an acne scarring consultation, contact our team in Inverness today.

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