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When it comes to enhancing your appearance, dermal fillers are a popular choice. Useful for sculpting and smoothing the skin, they can target deep-set lines and wrinkles, boost volume and create facial symmetry. They have an excellent track record both for safety and results, making them a good, solid choice for anyone. And, they’re also semi-permanent, meaning they’ll last without permanently changing your appearance – useful if you want to tweak or adjust the treatment in the future.

In this post, our experts here at our Inverness skin clinic will talk through dermal fillers aftercare and what to expect post-procedure. Of course, we will always be a call or email away if you have questions or concerns, and will also discuss aftercare with you in detail during your consultation. But, it’s worth knowing what’s involved and how to properly care for your skin and ensure you’re happy with results.

Handling sensitivity

Signs of swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness are all common following any kind of injection or needle-based procedure, and aren’t usually anything to be concerned about. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relief can help keep them at bay, and cooling packs can also be applied to skin when it’s feeling at its most sensitive.

Immediate results

Our clients love seeing the impact of their dermal fillers straight after treatment – but bear in mind that swelling could temporarily affect your results. For a fast-acting enhancement, however, you can’t do better than dermal fillers.

Lasting results

Another great reason to try dermal fillers? Because they last much longer than many other wrinkle treatments, in some cases up to around 18 months. Then, all that’s needed is a tweak or top-up every so often – we can advise you when you might need these – to ensure your results stay perfect.

Caring for skin

Skincare doesn’t need to be difficult. While make-up, creams and other types of beauty products may not be recommended in the initial period after treatment, within 24 hours or so, you should be able to revert back to your usual skincare routine. Take care not to overly handle skin, though – this could worsen any swelling.

Other treatments

You might have heard that heat treatments are a no-go after dermal fillers. That’s because they can worsen pain and swelling post-procedure. So whether it’s a spa day or a trip to the sauna, we recommend waiting a few days before going ahead. The same goes for really intensive exercise – it can also contribute towards swelling.

Book a consultation at our Inverness Skin Clinic

That’s really all there is to know! To book your dermal fillers here in Inverness, simply get in touch today.

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