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Botox – let’s talk about the myths

The decision to undergo treatment can be a difficult one. Whilst you may have heard about the success that Botox has gained as an anti-ageing treatment, you may still be wary of just how safe and reliable the treatment is. At Emma J Aesthetics, Inverness, we want to put your mind at rest and show…

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4 unexpected uses for Botox besides wrinkles

Everyone knows Botox is great for softening the crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. In fact, it’s much loved for treating these areas. Because it is a medical toxin, however, it’s medical uses are constantly being developed and researched. We’re pleased to be able to bring you some unexpected uses for Botox in Inverness,…

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Why more people are turning to wrinkle-relaxing injections

For a few years now Inverness has been recognised as a fast growing city in the UK. It has experienced large population growth, with incoming residents all adding to the economy through the work they do. That alone doesn’t explain why the Emma J aesthetics clinic has experienced an increase in the number of enquiries…

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A new trend in anti-wrinkle injections

The so-called ‘Baby Botox’ is all over the news this week and is being touted as a perfect treatment for first time anti wrinkle injection users. It provides you with half the usual dose of Botox, in a bid to move away from the ‘frozen face’ effects that can be delivered by inexperienced, untrained, or…

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