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The so-called ‘Baby Botox’ is all over the news this week and is being touted as a perfect treatment for first time anti wrinkle injection users. It provides you with half the usual dose of Botox, in a bid to move away from the ‘frozen face’ effects that can be delivered by inexperienced, untrained, or unqualified practitioners.

This reduced dosage can be administered in an ultra-targeted way and is believed to be particularly beneficial for the removal of crows feet. The idea is that with less Botox, your face will have more freedom of movement when it comes to making all the expressions you usually make.

In response to this, we here at the Emma J Aesthetics clinic in Inverness, would like to point out that if your Botox treatment is being administered by a practitioner who knows what he or she is doing, such as our very own highly experienced practitioner, Emma J, then you should receive optimal, natural-looking rejuvenation results along with no loss of facial movement whatever the dosage.

Are you an ideal candidate for ‘baby Botox’ anti wrinkle injections?

The ideal dosage should be assessed by the practitioner during a client’s initial consultation and respond to the needs of the individual. Everybody ages in a different way. We wouldn’t want to promise that on trend ‘baby Botox’ is going to make a difference to your appearance, if we’re quite sure it won’t.

We want to enhance your looks, so that you feel more confident about your appearance. After a thorough skin assessment, Emma will provide you with a bespoke treatment plan that is designed to help you make the best of your looks, not deliver an off-the-peg procedure that might or might give you adequate results.

The other, much-lauded benefit of ‘baby Botox’ anti wrinkle injections is its ability to prevent wrinkles from forming, the suggestion being that anti-wrinkle injections should be delivered before wrinkles have even formed, in order to prevent them. If you are in your twenties and you would like to discuss either wrinkle prevention or cure, the best thing to do is give our Inverness reception team a call to book your consultation appointment.

Emma will be able to advise you on your best course of action, according to your individual skin, without you having to receive unnecessary treatment or book yourself in for procedure without first being fully assessed or having the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Please get in touch.

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