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For a few years now Inverness has been recognised as a fast growing city in the UK. It has experienced large population growth, with incoming residents all adding to the economy through the work they do. That alone doesn’t explain why the Emma J aesthetics clinic has experienced an increase in the number of enquiries about wrinkle-relaxing injections here.

Botox treatments, which is essentially what wrinkle-relaxing injections are, are effective. They can provide rejuvenating results that look natural and may turn the clock back by several years. If you go out for a coffee with your friend and notice that your friend is suddenly looked extremely ‘well’ and ‘rested’, you might wish you yourself could have such a revitalised look and if her appearance is due to wrinkle-relaxing injections, you can!

We have noticed that inspired by the new look of their friends, we get new clients through our door, looking to achieve similarly youthful looks. Could this be why wrinkle-relaxing injections are on the increase in Inverness at the moment and do you really want to be the one who gets left behind?

The effectiveness of wrinkle-relaxing injections

Botox works by stopping key facial muscles in the upper face from contracting. If the muscles can’t contract then wrinkles can’t form. It is particularly effective on forehead wrinkles which stretch horizontally, frown lines, which stretch vertically between the eyebrows and crows feet, which occur to the side of the eyes and are also known as laugher lines. It’s worth noting that removing any of these wrinkles should make a difference to how old you look. You’d be surprised the difference it makes.

Wrinkle relaxing injections are administered under the skin using an ultra fine needle, by our experienced nurse-practitioner, Emma. The initial results should be visible within 3-4 days, but your new look won’t be complete until 10-12 days later. Once in place, you’ll still be able to make all the expressions you’re used to making, but you should look considerably younger when you make them. When the effects begin to wear off after 3-4 months, you’ll be able to book yourself in for your top-up treatment.

If you’re curious about whether wrinkle-relaxing injections can positively enhance your looks in the way you’ve noticed it has enhanced the appearance of your friends, please get in touch with our Inverness clinic to book your consultation. Emma will be able assess your skin and give you a good idea of how you’ll look following this non-invasive treatment. Please get in touch.

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