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Your skin, as we’re always reiterating is your body’s largest organ. This means it has the potential to be incredibly sensitive and reactive to our environment and health changes. Certain skin conditions, whether developed through our predisposed biology or environmental damage, are particularly complex to treat, especially if our skin is already a little sensitive. When concerning these more complex skin conditions, it’s always best to trust the professional skincare products and routines over those found on the high-street (as we discovered in a previous blog post), which is why we’re proud to champion the ZO Skin Health range.



A common misconception of acne and acne-prone skin is that the person suffering it is dirty or doesn’t wash their face enough. This isn’t true at all, and you’ll often find that those afflicted with acne are those who have tried the most combinations of skincare products to combat it. Acne isn’t to do with the surface of your skin. While it’s true that using oily products on open pores or sleeping with makeup on can cause spots, this is because the excess oil blocks the pores and hair follicles. The problems with acne-prone skin, however, lives beneath the surface and is caused by the sebaceous glands producing excess oil. ZO Skin Health provides acne treatment products to help calm and sooth breakouts, boost skin cell production, heal inflamed skin, and gently rebalance oil production. Remodelling your skin from the inside, ZO Skin Health works on the long-term health and flawless appearance of your skin.



As we explored in it’s dedicated blog post, hyperpigmentation occurs from sun damage, change in environment, or as a reaction to skin trauma. A form of acne scarring, for example, can be uneven pigmentation because of the irregular trauma and regeneration of new skin cells. Other forms of hyperpigmentation include age spots, sun spots, melasma, and freckles. ZO Skin Health has developed both hydroquinone and non-hydroquinone treatment programme options (the first used for treatment, the latter used to extend and maintain your results) to produce more even, healthier looking skin.


Open or enlarged pores

It’s extremely common for pores to become open and enlarged, especially in areas like the nose and beneath the tear-troughs. Sun exposure can play its part in these areas, but acne-prone skin is also prone to open pores. This is because they may have been repeatedly stretched and gorged by the development of spots, leading to them retaining their shape. They sometimes signify a form of skin trauma not always commonly associated with acne, but when they become noticeable they’re rather distressing for those effected. Reducing the size of pores is all about oil control and balancing while helping to firm the skin. ZO Skin Health products are combined in conjunction with one another to ensure the safe treatment of your open pores, regardless of what has triggered them.



Rosacea is a relapsing condition that unfortunately isn’t fully understood and can’t be cured. It can be managed successfully, however, with professional skincare from ZO Skin Health. Rosacea characterises itself as facial flushing that leads to small blood vessels becoming visible under the skin and permanent redness. It is commonly triggered by sun exposure, alcohol and caffeine consumption, and temperature changes in the weather. ZO Skin Health uses a range of products to soothe irritation, redness, and replenish hydrations levels to lessen sensitivity and restore skin radiance. Sun protection is also available to protect against any flare-ups.


Complex skin conditions often require more than a simple off-the-shelf quick-fix, especially for long-term results and deep skin remodelling. It’s difficult to produce high-quality results with low-quality products, so always turn to the professionals such as those provided by Emma J Aesthetics in Inverness.


See what ZO Skin Health could do for you by calling 01463 830149 or enquire online today to book your first consultation.

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