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Having clear, even skin is something that many people strive for. Our skin deserves some attention, after all it is the first part of us that encounters our environment. Sun exposure, free radicals, and even pollutants in the air make themselves known in our skin’s health and quality, so really we should all be implementing some form of skincare. However, these environmental factors aren’t the only problems we can have with our skin; changing hormonal levels and basic biology play huge roles in our skin quality. Without stimulus or reason to, we can just have oily skin that leads to congestion through our own biological makeup and predisposition. What happens when we combat our skin conditions through professional skincare, and what’s the difference between that and high-street options?


‘Blanket’ skincare

The problem with high-street skincare is that the products are usually a ‘blanket’ or ‘umbrella’ skincare option. For example, there’s a face wash or cleanser or toner, but they’re marketed as being just for skin in general. These may be good for removing makeup or a very light exfoliation, but if you’re suffering a more specific skin condition then they won’t do you much good. Professional skincare, such as the cosmeceutical ZO Skin Health range, is medically formulated to provide deep skin change. Professional skincare products span a wide range of targeted products that are each specifically designed to target individual skin conditions. We would recommend a different product for those experiencing hyperpigmentation than for those experiencing active acne, for example. With professional skincare, you don’t just receive a generic skin product. You receive a treatment plan of products tailored specifically to your skin concern, making their treatment far better than the ‘blanket’ products of the high-street.


Different ingredients achieve different things

High-street products may be ‘blanket’ products, but they’re also far weaker. Because of their generalised capabilities and their public availability, they have to contain weakened and diluted components. This makes them suitable and safe for public sale and means anyone, practitioner or not, can use them from their home bathroom. However, these weaker components mean that you’re probably not going to see the results you’d like, or for as long either. When using professional skincare, you’re enveloping your skin in purpose-formulated skincare products and solutions. They contain components that are regulated because of their strength and chemical balance, meaning that they promote deeper skin change for those approved to use them. ZO Skin Health is only available through us with a consultation with Emma, so you know that you’re receiving medically derived skincare with skin-specific science.


Quick fix vs. long-term health

Because of all of these reasons, high-street skincare can often provide a visible ‘quick fix’ result, but not long-term change or skin remodelling. Much like our blog post on the difference in chemical peels, we need to address that high-street skincare can’t achieve the results that cosmeceutical, professional skincare can. Because professional skincare focusses on your skin’s health (which then impacts your skin’s cosmetic appearance) longer-lasting results can be achieved. We can even stimulate deeper skin remodelling, such as regulating oil production, to actively target the root of problem rather than merely its physical appearance.


Professional skincare is far preferable to high-street skincare because it’s capable of so much more on a far larger scale. Your skin deserves some TLC, so give it the right TLC with tailored skincare packages and products. It will thank you in its glow, vibrancy, and maintained health!


ZO Skin Health is available through Emma J Aesthetics in Inverness, so book your skin health consultation today by calling 01463 830149 or enquire online.

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