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Skin Health by ZO Advanced and effective treatment for different skin conditions

Many skin conditions require a more innovative and professional approach that’s clinically proven to promote healthy skin. At Emma J Aesthetics, we’ve found that approach in ZO Skin Health. This expert range of products and treatments is based on the latest skin-therapy technologies, delivery systems and exclusive complexes and formulations. Some of the products are prescription only as their potency and efficacy is greater than ‘off-the-shelf’ skincare solutions.

The gold standard in skin care

The ZO Skin Health range has been developed under the guidance of Dr Zein Obagi – a world-renowned dermatologist with more than 35 years’ experience in pioneering advanced skincare solutions. All solutions are based on Dr Obagi’s philosophy of creating healthy skin rather than only treating damage and disease. His diverse range of therapeutic products, daily skincare and specialist treatments care for all skin types while setting new industry standards.

We will assess your skin in depth to develop a treatment programme that’s exactly right for you. With ZO Skin Health, we can treat acne, ageing, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, open pores and inflammation.

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Discover healthier skin


Acne is a common condition that causes spots, blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin. It affects people of all ages and can be caused by a wide range of factors including hormonal and hereditary.
ZO Skin Health acne treatment products help to calm and soothe inflammatory breakouts. We’ll develop a personal treatment programme to maximise product benefits including boosting skin cell turnover, healing damaged skin, reducing redness and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation while gently removing impurities and excess oil.



As we grow older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin which means that skin loses its youthful firmness. Our lifestyles, sun damage, gravity and repeated facial movements also play a significant part in the ageing process.

With a carefully targeted ZO Skin Health anti-ageing programme, we may be able to improve signs of ageing such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dull texture and loss of firmness. Many of these products are prescription only and can help to boost hydration, target fine lines and wrinkles, support skin repair and protect against future damage.



This common condition usually shows as freckles, sun spots, age spots, dark circles and melasma. Uneven skin tone develops for many reasons including sun exposure, hereditary factors, hormonal changes and taking certain medications.

We use a tested and proven range of ZO Skin Health products to help target all types of hyperpigmentation. We can develop both hydroquinone and non-hydroquinone treatment programme options which also promote smoother, healthier-looking skin while preventing against further pigmentation problems.


Sun damage

Ultraviolet (UV) light damages skin and can cause sunburn. Over time, damage accumulates leading to lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dryness and uneven tone and texture.

ZO Skin Health helps to keep skin healthy while protecting it from environmental factors including the sun. We’ll assess your skin thoroughly to work out the exact nature of any sun damage before devising a programme that tackles your concerns and helps rejuvenate skin.



This relapsing condition is characterised by facial flushing and can lead to small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible and permanent redness. The reasons behind the condition are still unknown but common triggers include sun exposure, alcohol, caffeine and hot or cold weather.

An expertly-developed ZO Skin Health rosacea treatment programme can help to soothe irritation, reduce redness and relieve sensitive skin. It can also help restore radiance and replenish hydration levels.


Open pores

It’s very common for pores to become open and enlarged particularly around the nose area. If you have oily skin you’re more likely to have open pores – but sun exposure and ageing can play a part too.

We can help reduce the appearance of open pores with carefully selected ZO Skin Health products. We’ll begin by looking at the reasons behind the condition to establish a programme that helps control excess oil production while smoothing and firming the skin.


Skin rashes and redness can occur for all kinds of reasons and may lead to dry, dull and flaky skin. Establishing the potential reasons behind the inflammation is extremely important in creating an effective treatment programme.

With such a diverse range of advanced ZO Skin Health products and treatments to hand, we can develop a programme that’s unique to you. Products will be handpicked to soothe irritation, reduce redness and boost skin hydration.


If you’d like to find out more about ZO Skincare products and treatments in Inverness, make sure you get in touch to book an appointment with our skin team by calling 01463 830149, sending us an email at or visiting our contact page or Book Online.

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Treatments are tailored to you for results that will make you smile – from consultation through to aftercare

Video Testimonials Before and after ZO Skin Health skin condition programmes

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  • Emma J Aesthetics
  • Emma J Aesthetics

*Individual results may vary.

Before and after Before and after ZO Skin Health skin condition programmes

See the results of ZO Skin Health bespoke treatment programmes for various skin conditions.

  • Emma J Aesthetics

*Individual results may vary.

Your questions answered

Is a ZO Skin Health treatment programme right for me?

If you have a skin condition that frustrates you or knocks your confidence, then ZO Skin Health could be the right option for you. The range of products and treatments are renowned for their advanced properties and proven efficacy. We can target several conditions including acne, ageing, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, open pores and inflammation.

How long does the treatment take?

This depends on your conditions and needs. We believe in tailoring the programme to suit you and will talk through all timings during your consultation.

When will I see results?

For most skin conditions results will build over time. We’ll advise on this during your consultation.

Are there any side effects?

This will depend on your skin condition and programme. We’ll go through this in depth during your consultation.

Will I need a course of treatments?

The treatment of skin conditions is usually ongoing. Some programmes may include a prescribed course such as hydroquinone treatment for hyperpigmentation.

How will I care for my skin at home?

Caring for your skin properly will be fundamental to your treatment programme. We’ll advise on all elements of your skincare routine so that you feel confident in maintaining results at home.

*Individual results may vary.

ZO Skin Health step by step


We will take the time to explain the ZO Skin Health products and treatments that are relevant to your skin condition and work out a treatment plan that’s exactly right for you. We can answer any questions you might have and advise if there’s anything you need to do before your programme begins.


The length of your treatment will depend on your programme – we’ll advise on this during your consultation.


It’s important to follow your home skincare routine and keep any further treatment programme appointments.

What our clients say

“Emma J Aesthetics has helped me feel much more in control of my acne. There’s a definite improvement that’s made a big difference to my everyday life.”


*Individual results may vary.