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We’re so excited to share a bit more about this amazing treatment and the fantastic benefits you could achieve. Read on to find out more.

DesoFace & DesoBody explained

These treatments help to dissolve pockets of fat through carefully-administered injections. Whether targeted areas are on the face (think chin, jowls and jawline) or across the body (think thighs, bum and back), these fat-dissolving injections can help create a slimmer look and support a healthy diet and exercise programme.

How it works

Fat-dissolving injections break down the fat so it can be processed by the body. It’s much less invasive than surgery with no downtime expected. And, it offers permanent removal (though weight gain afterwards could cause fat to be redeposited).

The benefits

A sculpted, shaped, slimmed silhouette is the main benefit of treatment.

It’s also extremely safe when in the hands of a medically trained practitioner, like Nurse Practitioner Emma J. There are also few side-effects, compared to more intensive options like surgery.

Things to know about treatment

Those choosing DesoBody or DesoFace fat-dissolving injections may experience redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness or sensitivity in the treated areas. However, everyday activity can continue after treatment as normal (but certain activities may need to be avoided during healing). In most cases, we recommend a course of treatments every 6 weeks to ensure optimum results.

Results longevity

Our clients love their fat-dissolving injections. Results develop just 2-3 weeks after treatment and are permanent (though weight gain afterwards could cause fat to be redeposited).

Consultation in brief

As with all our treatments, fat-dissolving injections require a consultation at our Inverness clinic. Once we’ve assessed you and talked about any concerns and desired results, we’ll book a treatment session. Expect each area to take around 30 minutes to treat. After treatment, you’ll need to wear a compression garment and you may need to avoid certain activities during healing, which we’ll guide you on as part of the aftercare process.

Booking your treatment

We’d love to start you on your journey here at our Inverness skin clinic. Get in touch via our contact page to book a consultation with us, and we’ll secure a slot to suit you. We’ll go through any pre- and post-care needed, and advise you on any other treatments that could further benefit your confidence and appearance for the future. We look forward to hearing from you, and creating gorgeous results you’ll love for the long-term.

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