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Interested in fat reduction here in Inverness? Not seeing results from diet and exercise alone? Stubborn pockets of fat you’re looking to effectively remove? Then we might have the answer. Take a look at our Deso fat reduction treatment, DesoFace and DesoBody, to find out how it could help you.

What is Deso?

Deso Face and DesoBody are fat-dissolving injections. They are ideal for stubborn areas that just won’t shift, and they’re safe and approved for a number of areas of the body.

What it does

The treatment helps to break down fat cells and move them into the lymphatic system to be absorbed by the body. While it’s always possible to develop more fat, the destroyed fat cells won’t ‘come back’.

How Deso works

Several treatment sessions are usually needed to achieve your desired results; we can advise about how many you need, and how far apart, during your skin consultation at our Inverness skin clinic. It all starts with the skin consultation, in fact; so get in touch to kickstart your own fat-dissolving journey.

The benefits

You could benefit from a slimmer silhouette, as well as permanent removal and destruction of the fat cells. There’s zero to no downtime needed too, unlike surgery or liposuction techniques.

Targeted areas

It’s a whole body treatment – think cheeks, chin and neck/jowls on the face, or thighs, back and buttocks on the body. Though you might have redness, swelling, tenderness or bruising, these usually pass relatively quickly.

Treatment process

We’ll start your treatment with a consultation here in Inverness, where our experts will assess your skin, check your medical history, talk you through the procedure and answer your questions. Next, we’ll book your treatment. We’ll go through pre- and post-care, so you know what to avoid both before and after your session. And we’ll also schedule in your other sessions, so you know when to come in and see us for your next injections. Finally – and because we think that care should extend past when you leave our clinic – we’ll always be here to advise you on any concerns throughout the treatment process.

Book your Deso Face or Deso Body treatment

Now you know what’s involved, our Inverness team would love to help transform your appearance and confidence. Contact us to book a consultation or talk through the treatment in more detail, and we’ll look forward to seeing you right here in Inverness very soon.

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