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Are you considering dermal fillers treatment? If so, we can help. Here at Emma J, your local Inverness skin clinic, our specialist team have been carrying out a range of aesthetic treatments for years, helping men and women feel more youthful, more confident and more ‘like me’.In Inverness and the surrounding areas, our medical practitioners are highly regarded for our dermal fillers and lip fillers treatments. That’s because we have the expertise and experience to give each and every client a targeted treatment that plumps, sculpts and refines in exactly the right places. Here’s what we could do for you…

Tear trough

That little semi-circle area under the eye can easily look tired, develop bags, or take on a hollow, sagging appearance with age or through lifestyle factors. Our dermal fillers can rejuvenate the area by giving it a subtle lift, taking away your tiredness and helping you look and feel energised for the day.

Lip lines

Covering marionette, nasolabial and smoker’s lines, lip lines can immediately betray your age–or make you appear older than you are. They appear easily through talking, smiling, laughing and eating. Dermal fillers are the ideal fix, helping fill the lines and create smooth, soft skin.Here’s a quick explanation of each type of line:

Marionette – So-called because they resemble the chin of a puppet, these run from the corners of the mouth to the bottom of the chin.

Nasolabial – These travel from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth.

Smoker’s lines – These are vertical lines above the lip, so-called because they often develop in those who smoke.


These ‘flaps’ of skin around the chin and neck area can look incredibly ageing, though sometimes the cause is simply genetic. With dermal filler, the result is a lifted and sculpted appearance which can roll back the years with ease! The treatment can sometimes be combined with injectables in the neck to create a slimmer appearance too.

Hollow cheeks

Many clients come to us asking for cheek fillers.These work to plump the cheek area, and are simply dermal fillers. Having hollowness in this area can make you look tired and old, and create a sagging appearance in the skin–you can combat this with the sculpting effect of the fillers.

Lip shaping

Whether you have thin lips, uneven lips, small lips or undefined lips, dermal fillers will help solve all these problems! With a few targeted injections, you can give your lips shape and definition, and make them appear larger and more luscious.

Booking with Emma J

Looking for a skin clinic in Inverness? ThenEmma J can help. With cheek fillers, lip fillers and dermal fillers all available, and delivered by experienced hands, we can give you a beautifully youthful appearance while boosting happiness and confidence along the way. Talk to us today to see how we could help you.

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