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Quick, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Dermal fillers are one of the most versatile injectables and can cover things from, non-surgical Rhinoplasty (nose job) to hand rejuvenation. The increase in popularity is also fuelled by the treatment being very safe when done by a licensed practitioner, as well as being a quick procedure with a short recovery time.

Dermal fillers are gel injections that are commonly Hyaluronic acid-based. They fill out wrinkles and add volume to soft tissue. The filler can be used to soften facial folds of saggy tissue, increase facial definition and contour and create structure.

What type of dermal filler is best for me?

There are many types of different filler. At Emma J Aesthetics we use four main trusted, quality dermal fillers. These four different fillers are used for different purposes: wrinkles, filling, skin quality, and increasing volume. We decide the perfect filler for your specific goals.

Are dermal fillers painful?

One of the larger attractions towards dermal fillers over surgical treatments is that there is less pain involved with fillers and a significantly shorter recovery period. When having the treatment you may feel slight discomfort when the gel is injected. Though, this is minimised by administering a numbing agent. As well as this, the filler includes an anaesthetic; this just further assists with the comfort of the process.

How long do dermal fillers last? 

None of the fillers provided by Emma J Aesthetics are permanent, as permanent fillers as they can have many complications. We use Hyaluronic acid-based filler. This substance is naturally occurring, whereby it will dissolve over time, due to the biodegrading properties. We use this type of filler because it is safer and makes it possible for us to dissolve the filler if need be and add to it later on. The longevity of the filler varies from person to person dependant upon an individual’s lifestyle, skin condition, and age, etc. At Emma J Aesthetics we give a guideline of around 9 to 15 months with facial dermal fillers.

Our dermal filler treatments are not permanent, as non-permanent Hyaluronic based filler delivers much safer and better, natural-looking results.

Does it matter who does my filler?

When getting any type of filler, a professional with relevant qualifications, training, and experience must do it. The face has many sensitive underlying structures that are very hard to spot by the untrained eye: nerves and vessels. Therefore getting the treatment done by a professional ensures that you get your desired results, whilst minimising the possibility of complications.

If you want any more information or have decided that dermal fillers are for you, contact Emma J Aesthetics today. We’re more than happy to help you on your cosmetic journey!

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