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Skin Treatments that Improve Ageing Skin

We understand that not everyone wants to recognisably transform their features or their face. We understand that simply improving skin quality can make all the difference, the sort of difference that others will notice in your confidence or just as something they can’t seem to put their finger on. As a professional skin clinic, we…

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How to maintain healthy skin at any age

Two mantras we live by at Emma J Aesthetics go as following: healthy skin is always in, and beauty is not bound by age. It’s possible to promote the health of your skin at any age, and improving its health ultimately improves its appearance too! We know there’s a lot of ‘skincare tips’ and ‘skincare…

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This is the science behind ageing skin

Lots of changes happen to us when we age, not least of all in our skin. Our first barrier against the environment, topical products, and our lifestyle, our skin really can tell the story of our lives. How our skin ages and develops depends on both our genetics and a variety of lifestyle factors that…

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