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Two mantras we live by at Emma J Aesthetics go as following: healthy skin is always in, and beauty is not bound by age. It’s possible to promote the health of your skin at any age, and improving its health ultimately improves its appearance too! We know there’s a lot of ‘skincare tips’ and ‘skincare science’ out there, but healthy skin goes much deeper than just drinking plenty of water. Here are our honest tips and tricks to maintaining healthy skin at any age.


Sun protection all year ’round

We can’t reiterate enough that you should be wearing some form of sun protection whenever you’re exposed to the sun, regardless of the time of year. Whenever we’re directly exposed, the UV rays in sunlight work against our skin. They gradually degrade our skin fibres, thinning the skin and creating volume loss that could’ve been avoided. This process is known as ‘photoaging’. Even if you’re already experiencing the signs of photoaging, you can help prevent them worsening by adopting an SPF. Sun protection will also help prevent the development of hyperpigmentation caused by harmful UV rays. The sun works against us in many ways to age our skin but maintaining healthy skin at any age should always begin with sun protection.


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Cleanse and moisturise

A good skincare routine will form the backbone of your skin’s health and appearance. Ageing skin needs a little more TLC because it naturally begins to lose the collagen we so took for granted in our 20s. Maintaining a fresh and youthful glow is best achieved through boosting your skin cell production and hydration, hence cleansing and moisturising. Remove dirt and impurities, shed the dying cells, and replenish lost moisture for plump skin up to twice a day. Adding certain products that include vitamin c, retinol, and active enzymes will help increase your skin cell turnover and refresh tired skin. The benefit of using these kinds of products is that they penetrate the skin better than high-street makeup removers and are suitable for all ages. Boosting the health and appearance of ageing skin might mean switching to professional products that are able to reach deeper layers of your skin, so you might be interested in our skin clinic treatments.


Live, drink, and eat consciously

No matter the moisturiser, your lifestyle will begin to show on your skin eventually. Those that basked in sun for hours on end when they were younger may see hyperpigmentation developing, those who smoke may experience premature wrinkling and sagging, and those who binge sugar could experience skin quality reduction. Smoking accelerates the ageing process, but sugar is your skin’s hidden enemy and many people don’t realise this. Sugar molecules cause glycation, where they attach themselves to other molecules. One of these affected proteins is collagen, which results in the loss of the skin’s elasticity. It can also cause inflammation, which accelerates the ageing process too! Living well results in your skin looking well, but it’s important we pay attention to these health factors.


Stimulate skin healing and rejuvenation

Ageing skin naturally loses and stops producing skin proteins essential to laxity and bounce like collagen, but there are ways of stimulating its fresh production. Even the signs of ageing that include hyperpigmentation, volume loss, and fine lines and wrinkles benefit from rejuvenating treatments that prompt the skin into its own otherwise dormant processes. For example, a course of chemical peels can help with all of the signs of ageing listed above while producing fresh skin cells and removing dead skin cells and rebalancing oil production in the skin. In fact, chemical peels are some of the skin industry’s favourite treatments for skin health.


Healthy skin is achievable at any age, but sometimes mature skin needs a little more attention because of the natural ageing process. Don’t let this deter you, though, because there are definitely little changes you can make and treatments you could consider to boost your skin’s health and appearance! Enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01463 830149 to discover professional skin treatments and chemical peels in Inverness with Emma J Aesthetics.

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