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Lashes Improve eyelash length and strengthen in Inverness

Prescription-only treatment for hypotrichosis (loss of eyelashes) or poor eyelash growth. It is necessary to apply the product every night to the base of your upper eyelashes. Simple and straightforward, it takes time, care and attention to achieve results but results are very effective.

We will work with you to make sure you gain the results you’re looking for. Using this treatment correctly is very important, so we will show you exactly how to use the applicator to apply a single drop across your upper lashes.

As the weeks pass, you’ll start to notice your lashes have become longer, fuller and darker. Using the treatment regularly will help maintain the impressive results.

The safe way to grow your own gorgeous lashes

Its the first and only FDA-approved treatment to increase length, thickness and darkness of lashes.

It was originally developed for use in glaucoma treatments. It was noted during that time that patients’ lashes grew longer and thicker – and was eventually formulated for use in the cosmetic surgery and beauty industries.

Its active ingredient is bimatoprost. This ingredient has been approved to safely and effectively develop dramatic eyelashes.

If you’d like to find out more about eyelash treatment in Inverness, make sure you get in touch to book an appointment with our skin doctor by calling 01463 830149, sending us an email at or visiting our contact page.

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Treatments are tailored to you for results that will make you smile – from consultation through to aftercare

Before and after Lashe Treatment

Open your eyes to the difference the treatment can make. Results begin to show after a few weeks and reach full effect around week 16 of treatment.

  • Emma J Aesthetics
  • Emma J Aesthetics

*Individual results may vary.

Your questions answered

Is it safe for me to use the treatment?

The treatment is suitable and completely safe for most people. But if you’re pregnant or nursing, you shouldn’t use the product.

Let us know if you suffer from blepharititis (lid inflammation) or conjunctivitis as the treatment may not be suitable. We also need to be aware if you use drops for glaucoma or ocular hypertension as we can then monitor your eye pressure closely.

Can I use the treatment if I wear contact lenses?

Yes, but it’s very important to remove your contact lenses before applying the treatment each evening. It’s safe to put your lenses back in 15 minutes after application.

Are there any side effects?

Sometimes the treatment can cause eye irritation and itching but this typically resolves itself in a few days. Less common side effects include skin darkening and darkening of the iris and dryness of the eyes.

When will I see results?

Results build gradually over time when the treatment is used regularly and correctly. You can expect to see full results after around 16 weeks of using the treatment. If you stop using the treatment, your eye lashes will gradually return to their normal size and fullness.

Is the treatment difficult to use?

No, not at all – but it’s very important to apply it properly and with care. We will talk through the application steps during your consultation to make sure you feel confident using the treatment.

Good hygiene is important so make sure that the area around your lower lashes is clean and make-up free before applying the treatment. Don’t let the tip of the bottle or applicator come into contact with your fingers in order to avoid possible eye infections. And don’t forget that growing your own lovely lashes takes time – only use the treatment once at night time, using it more frequently will not help lashes grow more quickly.

What if I forget to apply the treatment?

Don’t worry; it won’t affect results if you forget to apply the treatment one night. Just carry on as normal the following evening. It’s important not to apply extra, simply stick to the usual routine.

*Individual results may vary.

Lashe treatment step by step


We will take the time to explain the treatment and will assess if the treatment is right for you. If you decide to go ahead, we will discuss how to apply the treatment and give tips on achieving the best results.


You’ll apply the treatment every evening. Remove make-up and contact lenses and apply one drop of the treatment from the applicator to the base of your upper lashes. The treatment transfers to your lower lashes as you blink.


It can be a great idea to monitor your results. Mark on your calendar when you started treatment and take photographs to record your progress. For optimum results, use the treatment every night for 16 weeks. After this time, you can maintain results by applying the treatment once or twice a week.

What our clients say

“My treatments have given me the confidence to finally look the way I feel.”

Sam, Inverness

*Individual results may vary.