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Products Effective skin care both medical and therapeutic programs at Emma J Aesthetics

We have several skin care ranges designed to support and prolong the benefits and results of our treatments. Products can also be used alone to target specific skin care concerns.

ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical

When over-the-counter skin care products are applied to the skin, they’re unable to pass through the skin’s dermal-epidermal barrier. ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical products actually pass through the epidermis to work deep within the dermis. This makes them incredibly effective in targeting premature ageing, acne rosacea, active acne and hyperpigmentation. The ranges include both prescription and non-prescription products. Please visit ZO Skin Health wesbite for more information.

ZO Getting Skin Ready – cleanse, exfoliate, tone


ZO Getting Skin Ready is an essential step in improving the appearance of acne, redness, post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and rough, dull texture.

It’s a simple system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone, and works synergistically to normalise skin function and restore overall skin health.

The system includes five essential products. They are ideal for use as an everyday skin care programme or as preparation for the introduction of ZO Medical products such as treatments for pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, acne rosacea and active acne (use six weeks before ZO Medical products are used).

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Step One: Cleanse

Normalise skin with proper cleansing and remove surface debris.

Offects Hydrating Cleanser





Step Two: Exfoliate

Exfoliation improves circulation, enhances product penetration and removes dead skin cells.

Offects Exfoliating Polish £52

Vitascrub £60

Step Three: Tone

Reduce and control oil, restore PH and soothe dry skin.

Offects TE pads £45

Cebatrol £45

Balatone £36

Step Four: Recover

Essential to every skin-health programme.

Daily Power Defense £115

Step Five: Protect

Oclipse Sunscreen and Primer SPF 30 £55

Oclipse Smart Tone SPF 50 £55

Oclipse Sun Spray SPF 50 £55

Special offer

Get a free ZO Skin Health Stimulation Peel when you buy five Getting Skin Ready products.

  • Acne
    Sulphur mask£40
  • Pigmentation
    Brightenex 0.1%£86
  • Stabilisation
    C Bright£70
    Ossential Growth Factor Plus£110
    Ossential Radical Night Repair£130
  • Hydrators and calming products
    Ommerse Overnight Recovery Crème£76
    Olluminate Eye Repair£98
    Revitatrol Epidermal Repair Créme£90
  • Enhancers
    Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal£45
    Oraser Daily Hand Repair£50
    Oraser Body Emulsion Plus£71
    Ossential Lash Enhancing Serum£49
  • Kits
    Level One Kit£130
    Level Two Kit£195
    Level Three Kit£240
    Acne Prevention Kit£135

*Individual results may vary.


This groundbreaking range capitalises on the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) for their incredible effects on skin. Compounds such as glycolic and lactic acid help treat dermatological conditions, encourage cell turnover and rejuvenate ageing skin.

Skin Active Exfoliating Wash

Exfoliating soap-free cleanser that stimulates cellular turnover while clearing pores to enhance skin texture and clarity. Effectively removes oil and make-up without irritation or drying effects. Patented maltobionic acid leaves the skin feeling hydrated, while a botanical complex of aloe, chamomile, cucumber and rosemary extracts soothes and refreshes. Suitable for all skin types. £44


Skin Active Matrix Support SPF30

This advanced formula day cream repairs and strengthens. Contains peptides to increase collagen production and retinol to plump the skin, smooth wrinkles and tackle uneven pigmentation. Pomegranate, Vitamin E and coffee arabica berry help to strengthen skin’s natural defences, preventing against further damage. Complete with UVA and UVB filters to shield skin from the ageing effects of everyday sun exposure. £69.60


Skin Active Firming Collagen Booster

An amazing anti-ageing serum that helps to increase collagen levels while preserving existing collagen structure. Skin feels firmer and more lifted and lines and wrinkles are smoothed from the inside out.

Use this light serum to complement your daily anti-ageing regime and boost your skin’s natural rejuvenation cycle. £72.45


Triple Firming Neck Cream

Specifically designed to target the delicate neck area, this exfoliating cream tightens the skin whilst increasing volume to reduce sagging. Contains apple stem cell. £60


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*Individual results may vary.


This multi-award winning collagen drink has been developed by leading UK scientists and uses an alternative and innovative approach to skin care that works from the inside out.

Skinade liquid food supplement


Contains a blend of hydrolysed marine collagen, calcium, Vitamin B complex, organic flax and L-Lysine. These active ingredients are essential for your skin’s hydration, radiance, elasticity and help to boost collagen production. 30-day course £105.00, 60-day course £210.00

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*Individual results may vary.

Glo Minerals

Designed by dermatologists, this mineral make-up system covers, corrects and protects. It’s the perfect choice for even the most sensitive of skin.

Loose Base Powder £45

Pressed Base £45

Brightener Highlight Concealer £25

Protective Liquid Foundation Satin II £54

Lash Boosting Mascara £28

Face Primer £41

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*Individual results may vary.

Viviscal Professional – Hair growth programme

Viviscal professional is a clinical proven hair growth supplement that promotes hair growth It is scientifically formulated to include Marine protein complex Amino C plus biotine and apple extract.

£59.99 for one months supply

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*Individual results may vary.