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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘’you’re only as old as you feel’’. But sometimes, despite being young at heart, our skin betrays our real age – or can make us look older than we are. That’s where our facial aesthetics treatments, delivered in our high-end skin clinic, come in – helping delay signs of ageing, or manage them when they show.

At our Inverness skin clinic, we offer a range of procedures designed to turn back the clock on skin. From our effective chemical peels, to the subtle results of our dermal fillers, there’s lots we can try on your own unique face.

Of course, treatments aren’t the only way you can help pause, or even temporarily reverse, signs of ageing. Our experts, here in the heart of Inverness, have a whole host of recommendations. Read on to find out our top tips for defying your age.

Get your beauty sleep

A lack of sleep can seriously affect our skin, but usually it’s only temporary. From developing deep eye bags, to leaving us looking dull, skipping on shut-eye doesn’t give our skin time to renew itself and our bodily processes to rest. Experts recommend at least 8 hours per night.

Nail your skincare

Not taking care of your skin – or using the wrong products – can leave us with a dry, dull appearance or can lead to breakouts. Using skincare that taps into our skin type, and protects us from skin stressors such as pollutants and UV rays, can make all the difference. Here at Emma J Aesthetics skin clinic, we offer the following:

  • ZO Skin Health & Skin Medical – works deep within the skin to target ageing and pigmentation.
  • NeoStrata – prompts skin renewal to rejuvenate ageing skin.
  • Skinade – the famous collagen drink promises ‘better skin from within’ and is formulated by leading UK scientists.
  • Glo Minerals – this gorgeous mineral make-up covers, corrects and protects while being suitable for even sensitive skin.

 Eat well

You are what you eat – so eat wisely! Certain foods groups, such as refined sugars and carbohydrates, as well as specific types (we’re looking at you, chips!) are all linked to ageing of the skin, amongst other concerns.

 Switch up your lifestyle

Do you smoke or drink a lot? Find yourself frequently stressed? Spend too long in the sun? All these factors can age our skin early (in fact, a useful way to think about sun damage is that UVA rays ‘AGE’). One of our top recommendations for skin is to use a sunscreen or foundation with sun protection in it of at least SPF15 – and, of course, cutting down on smoking and drinking alcohol can have huge boosts for both our skin and our overall health.

Find your style

Looking young isn’t about dressing young – it’s about finding and owning your style, and wearing ‘confidence’, not clothes! It can often be as simple as dressing for your shape, wearing colours that suit your skin tone, and accessorising well.

Book with us

Our skin clinic here in Inverness offers a range of treatments to help stop time in its tracks. From resurfacing peels to the latest in wrinkle reduction, please get in touch with our friendly team to find out which could work for you.

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