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At Emma J Aesthetics, we love nothing better than helping our clients look and feel incredible. We work hard to transform your skin through anti-ageing treatments and beauty treatments that enhance (or disguise) your features to get the results you want.

Our Inverness skin clinic invests in some of the best technology and treatments to help us on our mission to delivering fantastic skin. In this post, our team share the secrets behind our Dermapen procedure.

What is the Dermapen?

Dermapen is way of carrying out microneedling treatment. This clever anti-ageing treatment uses a cluster of tiny, thin needles to stamp the skin, creating micro injuries which prompt collagen production and aid skin healing. This in turn creates toned and tightened skin, while helping fade everything from fine lines, to scarring, to pigmentation.

Why use the Dermapen?

The brand credits itself as being ‘the world’s most advanced microneedling treatment’, with 12 tiny needles in each device. It can also adjust the depth that the needles pierce, allowing for greater precision, and more gentle treatment on more sensitive areas of the face. Finally, each set of needles is disposable – so it’s entirely safe and minimises risks. In other words, it’s the best anti-ageing treatment for microneedling available.

What happens after treatment?

Our medical practitioners recommend following good aftercare, which helps maximise results while minimising any risks or side-effects. Sun protection is crucial, and make-up may need to be avoided. Dermapen recommend using cooling face masks to settle the skin, and to consider serums rich in collagen and antioxidants which can minimise irritation.

Which skin problems can Dermapen help with?

With Dermapen, there’s so much we can help with:

Acne scarring – over 90% of teens have acne, and most cases of scarring result in the familiar ‘ice pick’ pattern.
Anti-ageing treatment – Dermapen is ideal for wrinkles around the eyes and lips, as well as other areas of the face.
– Keloid scars – more common in darker skin, these are usually formed after skin damage, where scar tissue effectively ‘spreads’.
Skin tightening – a boost in collagen production helps firm and tone the skin.

How do I book my treatment?

To book in for Dermapen treatment, simply speak to us at our Inverness skin clinic today here at our Inverness skin clinic.

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