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Your skin the largest organ on your body and it accounts for 15% of your body weight, so it’s vital you receive the care you need for it. This has never been more important than for your facial skin, but this is the only part of us that is reliably not covered up every day. The sun, pollutants in the air, and our lifestyle choices all inflict damage and changes in our skin, but how do you combat these changes and why should you trust a skin clinic over high-street products?


Professionalism and trust

You should trust your skin’s health to a skin clinic because you can trust that they know what they’re talking about. Off-the-shelf product claim to cleanse your skin, but how strong are their ingredients? Which skin type are they suited to? Could they irritate your skin instead of helping it? Will they provide results, or will they simply smell soapy? Shopping blind for skin that needs some TLC will no doubt result in you being underwhelmed by your results. When you visit a skin clinic, we will first learn all about your skin and its health history before we make any suggestions to do with treatments and products. This means we can recommend the right treatment journey and skincare routine to suit your unique skin condition or type far better than the one-size-fits-all approach of the high-street shelves.


Products and ingredients

Part of the reason you might not see the results you were hoping for, or even see the side effects that you weren’t expecting, is because of the ingredients within your skincare products. Non-professional products, and by this we mean high-street products, aren’t permitted to contain the same strength of ingredients and potencies that professional and prescription products are. This means true change might not be inflicted in your skin because of how ineffective or unremarkable these ingredients might be. They might not be able to penetrate the skin’s layers like professional products can and simply sit on the surface layer of skin. This might make your skin look good for 12 hours or so, but long-lasting change is not achieved on the high-street shelves. Prescription products or simply professionally formulated products, such as the ZO Skin ranges, contain stronger ingredients that are capable of exacting real long-term change, and these products are only available from ambassadors at a skin clinic.


Skin clinic treatments

Skin clinic treatments, such as the chemical peel, have been copied and diluted by the high-street to create less effective yet publicly available alternatives. Because these treatments have high concentrations of acids and chemicals, they require a trained professional to carry them out. When they are diluted and made safe for public consumption in the form of wipes or pads, they lose their potency and therefore effectiveness. Plus, if you were to have a reaction to these high-street products, you do not have an expert aware of you trying them out on hand to help you recover. A skin clinic chemical peel not only comes with better ingredients, but the expert themselves who will advise, perform, and manage your treatment including your aftercare.


Your skin represents you for the longest time, and it needs a little more work and effort putting into it sometimes. Well-maintained skin will continue to reward you as you progress through life with an even skin tone and balanced oil productions. If you’d like to find out more about our skin clinic treatments, enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01463 830149 to book your skin health appointment today.

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