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Skin peel treatments do not offer immediate results. A delay of at least a week is required to allow your dead surface skin cells to peel away and new ones to grow in their place. This is why if you’re planning to look your very best for an upcoming occasion in Inverness, you need to ensure you’ve allowed enough time between your treatment appointment, and the event, as the redness of your new healthier, younger-looking skin tissue needs to have faded, to ensure your skin is looking its optimum best.

What do skin peels from our Inverness clinic involve?

So you read up about skin peels, learned that this sort of exfoliation can provide you with a rejuvenated look and you think you could benefit from it? You possibly also suspect that the confidence you have in your appearance could be boosted by this treatment?

The very first step towards receiving chemical peel treatment at our Inverness clinic is to book a consultation with our experienced and highly knowledgeable nurse-practitioner, Emma. The consultation is necessary because Emma needs to know the skin complaint she will be removing for you.

If you have fine lines and wrinkles that you’d like removed, Emma will need to know which part of your face you require resurfacing. If you have light scarring or blemishes, Emma needs to assess your skin in order to decide which skin peel ingredients are going to be the most effective and have the most impact on the issues you’re trying to resolve. Even if you’re simply looking to revitalise tired looking, dull skin, Emma will want to see you to ensure you’re not going to have a reaction to the skin peel solution.

On the day of the treatment Emma will paint the peel solution onto the target area, following a cleansing of the skin. While the solution is on the skin, you may feel a tingling sensation, but it shouldn’t be painful. The solution is then washed away and the skin cleansed once more.

You will be advised about aftercare before you leave so that you understand how the exfoliation will happen. Initially the skin that has been targeted will begin to feel a bit tight. After approximately 6 days it’ll peel away, revealing the fresh new healthy skin tissue underneath. The redness will fade over time, leaving you with smooth, blemish-free and healthier-looking skin.

Booking your treatment

Now is the ideal time to consider booking a chemical peel in order to be able to show off your results during the festive December party period. To find out more about how you could benefit from a skin peel, please get in touch with our reception team here in Inverness. We should be able to find you an appointment time to suit you

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