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Your smile might be the first thing people notice about you – and luckily, there’s lots you can do to help enhance your lovely lips. We have plenty of ideas for helping look after your lips here at Emma J Aesthetics, a specialist skin clinic in Inverness run by Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner, Emma J Lowe.

We’re sharing our secrets on how to care for your lips, as well as our top lip treatment, all to help make a difference to you and your smile.

How can I keep my lips soft?

Anyone can achieve gorgeously soft lips. As with all skin, rubbing away dry, dull and dead skin cells can help reveal the newer cells beneath the surface – so an exfoliating lip scrub is absolutely key in your skincare routine. Adding a hydrating lip balm on top of this can help lock-in moisture and restore that all-important softness. Lip fillers contain hydrating hyaluronic acid, too.

How can I boost my lips?

Lip fillers are a great way to contour and define lips, as well as giving them volume. Some women find that their lips thin as they age, so with lip injections, we can help give them a fuller, more youthful appearance – which may get people guessing you’re younger than you are.

How can I prolong my lip fillers?

If you’ve decided to have lip filler treatment, you understandably want your results to last as long as possible. Our best advice for this is to ensure you book in for future treatments. This will help your lip shape and size stay the same, and not return to their natural state.

How can I stop my lipstick from blurring?

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin – the substances that create that bouncy, youthful appearance. This can make it difficult for lips to have that must-have definition and texture. A waxy lip liner can help define the lips and keep your lipstick within the lines. Lip injections also help with definition.

How can I stop my lips from bleeding?

Cracks and chaps in the lips can eventually lead to bleeding – and cuts can cause infections to take hold, like cold sores. Hydration is absolutely key here, so ensure you drink plenty of water and keep up the skincare routine. If you’re looking for lip fillers and have cracked, chapped lips, we might advise you book in when the problem has resolved.

 How do I book my lip fillers?

It couldn’t be simpler to book your lip injections. Simply visit our contact page and book in with our Inverness skin clinic today.

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