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It’s a question our medical practitioners are frequently asked, here at our Inverness skin clinic: how long do lip fillers last? This hugely popular treatment can still feel like a commitment for those who are new to injectables, so it helps to know everything about it in advance, including the longevity of results. In this post, we will answer some common lip filler queries, to help you make a decision about your treatment.

Lip filler longevity

Facial aesthetics and injectables are known for providing lasting results, but sadly, the procedures aren’t permanent. The good news is that when you visit a reputable skin clinic, such as ours here in Inverness, you can expect your lip fillers to last a minimum of 1 year, and up to 15 months. We’re highly experienced in delivering lip fillers and only use the best brands, including Volbella, Volift and ULTRA3.

Reasons to have lip fillers

There are so many great reasons to try lip filler treatment. They’re an ideal solution for thin lips, or a smile that looks unbalanced (for example, asymmetrical lips, or one that’s larger than the other). We can also create a fuller appearance, which can look more youthful, and define the border of the lips for a gorgeous shape. Finally, we can contour areas of the mouth, such as the cupid’s bow, to give further definition.

How treatment works

We kick things off with a consultation with our talented medical practitioner. We can get to know each other better while assessing your lips and working out how to enhance them best for you. Next comes treatment, which is typically around 40 minutes. Lip injections can be painful for some, so we make the experience as comfortable as possible. Finally, you’re free to enjoy the fantastic results, which could last up to 15 months.

Caring for your lips at home

We like to keep aftercare simple. We’ll give you an outline of things to try and things to avoid, ensuring your skin heals nicely after your lip injections, and that your results look good. For instance, we’ll advise you not to rub your lips, and to stay out of the sun. We also stock a specialist concealer to help minimise any swelling or bruising you might experience in those early days.

Book with our clinic today

We’d love to help give you lips you’ll love to smile with. Get in touch to find out when we’re available and we’ll work with you to find an appointment slot that suits.

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