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Lip fillers: they’re one of our top treatments here at Emma J Aesthetics skin clinic, Inverness. From giving lips a beautiful, bold shape to enhancing volume, lip fillers can boost your lips and your smile, too. As well as enjoying spectacular, lasting results, with dermal fillers, you’ll also benefit from greater confidence and self-esteem – not bad for a quick, relatively painless beauty treatment!

In this blog, we’ll go through how to care for your pout to prevent bruising after lip fillers at our Inverness skin clinic, so you can get the best results and help maintain them.

  • No alcohol

While your beautiful, boosted smile might well call for a celebration, hold off on the champagne. Drinking alcohol in the 24 hours following lip filler treatment could cause bleeding or bruising, which could affect your gorgeous results. Our advice? Leave it a day or so, then get the girls together when you can properly indulge.

  • No ‘heat’ treatments

By this we mean avoid anything where heat is involved – yes, even exercise! Sun beds, hot tubs and saunas are an absolute no-no while your skin heals following lip filler injections, and workouts will have to wait at least 24 hours.

  • No touching!

It can be tempting to run your fingers over your beautiful new lips, but the injectables will need time to settle – and you could actually cause the results to look lumpy if you keep prodding and poking at the area. An ice pack on the area is a positive, though, as you’ll be able to ease any swelling or redness that may occur.

  • No make-up

After having your lip filler treatment, the last thing you want to do is affect your fantastic results. So, we recommend avoiding make-up til the following day, helping your skin breathe a little and aiding in the healing process.

  • No smoking

While smoking shouldn’t affect the results of your lip fillers, it can affect how your skin heals, delaying the process – so for this reason, we suggest stopping or cutting down altogether. Smokers can also develop lines around the mouth, caused by the position of the mouth during inhalation – so if you smoke, you may find you’ll need more dermal fillers in the future to help reverse these.

Of course, there are lots more other tips and tricks for helping boost and prolong your lip fillers and dermal fillers, which we’re happy to talk you through during your consultation. If you’d like to book in for a session at our Inverness skin clinic, visit our contact page and we’ll be in touch.

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