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When it comes to elevating your pout, few treatments are as volumising, lasting and effective as lip fillers. Here at Emma J – your Inverness skin clinic – we often carry out lip injections on our lovely clients, however we’ve found that we’re often asked the same kinds of questions about looking after lips following treatment. We wanted to capture some of these in today’s post, so read on to find out how to care for your smile once you’ve undergone our lip-enhancing procedure.

Can you drink alcohol after lip fillers?

A glass of bubbly to toast your gorgeous results may be tempting, but alcohol is known for thinning the blood, which could actually lead to inflammation and both swelling and bruising. After having lip injections, it’s a good idea to wait around 24 hours before drinking any alcohol.

Can you eat after lip fillers?

Absolutely, but be sure your lips have stopped feeling numb first – so you don’t accidentally harm them! We also advise to avoid messy foods (too much wiping of the mouth could cause the product to shift and increase chances of infection) and it’s better to drink with a straw than without. Anything too hot, or that causes too much chewing, could also affect your lips. Again, you should be fine to eat and drink normally after a couple of days.

Can you smoke after lip fillers?

As a skin clinic, we always advise against smoking. It can age and dry out the skin; inhibit healing following procedures such as skin peels; and lead to lines and wrinkles developing around the mouth (one of the places lip fillers can also be used). There’s also a possibility that smoking after lip injections could boost your chances of developing an infection post-procedure.

Can you kiss after lip fillers?

We wish this was the case! But kissing could actually cause an infection. We advise waiting at least 24 hours before you try out your new pout!

Can you get more lip fillers?

Of course, though this depends on how much you’ve had to begin with. Starting small – with a natural boost – is always our recommendation, as you can always touch-up your lips or build on your results. Don’t forget, however, that some cases of lip fillers can be dissolved.

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