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Hyperhidrosis, especially during the summer months and warmer weather, is an embarrassing and limiting condition. It is a condition that causes those affected to begin sweating for no apparent reason. Sweat glands, sometimes in localised areas and sometimes all over the body, become overactive and over-produce sweat without being stimulated. When occurring in localised areas such as the feet, hands, and under-arms, it can make social situations and even everyday life very difficult and uncomfortable. Depending on its severity, it can become very limiting very quickly.


Hyperhidrosis Explained

Hyperhidrosis occurs both naturally and when prompted. There are many people who experience it almost daily, sweating in large amounts for no apparent reason and without warning. However, there are those whose sweat gland over-react to exercise, heat, or anxiety. Both accounts are accredited as hyperhidrosis, though sometimes there isn’t a reason for its onset at all.

Hyperhidrosis symptoms are recognised as excessive sweating that has occurred for at least six months without any apparent cause or reason. It’s classified when sweating occurs on both sides of your body in roughly the same amount at least once a week. If you’re noticing you are feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious during social situations or your daily life is being interfered with, then you may want to seek help from Emma J Aesthetics. It isn’t fun when our relationships, daily activities, and self-confidence are impacted by a condition that so many other people seem not to have or are completely unbothered by their bodily processes.

Hyperhidrosis and your health

 Hyperhidrosis isn’t a dangerous condition in itself and can be brought on from an existing condition. It can occur as a side effect from certain medications and conditions like heart disease, the menopause, or strokes. However, if you are experiencing these sweating symptoms in conjunction with the following, we’d recommend seeking medical help:

Excessive sweating and weight loss

Excessive sweating with fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, and raised heartbeat

Excessive sweating and feeling pressure or pain in the chest

Excessive sweating occurring during your sleep

Treating Hyperhidrosis

 We know it’s frustrating to have tried every deodorant, every shower gel, and even changed aspects of your lifestyle and diet and have still not seen the results you deserve. You may even feel a little hopeless, because it feels like you’re stuck with excess sweating when those around you need not worry like you do. We understand it’s difficult to talk about when embarrassed, but we offer an extremely effective treatment that can help.

By using anti-wrinkle injections in the target area (the under-arms, for example) we relax the muscles and glands over-working to produce sweat. In much the same way we tackle over-expressive facial muscles, we tackle over-excited sweating too. Sadly, there is no cure, but we can help you manage the symptoms to give you back control of your excess sweating for 9-12 months at a time!

Feeling fresher and drier, especially during the summer months and if you have a hot holiday planned, is a luxury that you can now afford. A problem that seemed unable to be controlled can now be successfully managed with Emma J Aesthetics in Inverness. Using targeted anti-wrinkle injections, we will assist you in taking control of your excessive sweating. Have the best, most freeing summer this year with hyperhidrosis treatment from Emma J Aesthetics, Inverness.

Enquire online today, or speak to a member of our booking team on 01463 830149.

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