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Most of us, when we age, are aware of feeling frustrated by our appearance, but powerless to make a change. We are lured into buying face creams, especially when they’re in the post- Christmas sale, simply in the hope that they will take a few years off our faces (just as they promise they will do).

Do they ever work? Is it even possible for the best face cream in the world to contain enough active ingredients to make a significant difference to our skin, when you bear in mind that the cream has to be harmless enough to be applied by a non-practitioner, without the recipient suffering any side effects?

So once you’ve got over the fact that face cream isn’t really going to make much of difference to your skin, you might consider a cosmetic treatment. There are many options available to you, but how do you know what to choose? Yes, you’ll read the reviews of each one and find out about a million variations of beauty treatments, but isn’t there a more reliable way to receive aesthetic treatment that works, without paying out money for treatments you’re not sure will suit you? There is! You need to visit our cosmetic clinic in Inverness!

About our cosmetic clinic in Inverness

The only way to get effective, natural-looking rejuvenation results is by having an expert facial aesthetics practitioner assess your skin with a view to providing a bespoke treatment plan. Every individual ages in a different way, which is why a consultation with our highly experienced nurse-practitioner, Emma, will be your best bet for finally getting rid of your unique-to-you lines and wrinkles. Some faces require a touch of Botox, others would benefit more from dermal fillers, or a skin peel.

To find out just how much younger you could look within a matter of days, please get in touch with our team to book your initial consultation at our Inverness cosmetic clinic. We’ll be able to give you all the details you need; including how each treatment is administered, the costs and the expected results. Want to make 2018 the year when you finally got to grips with those pesky signs of ageing? We can help. Please get in touch.

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