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Do you have irregular brown skin patches that are out of sync with the rest of your skin tone? Large or small brown patches which stand out against the paler surrounding skin background in an unsightly way is known as hyperpigmentation. It’s a condition that can cause people to feel highly self-conscious, especially when it appears on the face.

It is a result of your melanin production. Melanin is where skin gets its colour and when the cells that make it are damaged in any way, production is affected. This is when you get patches of skin that are a different colour to the rest of you. The skin patch may not be entirely new to you. Hyperpigmentation can also elongate existing freckles, sunspots and liver spots, making them more pronounced.


Exfoliation, or any product that you can buy over the counter, is unlikely to have an effect on hyperpigmentation. Effective treatment relies on products that have enough active ingredients in them to be able to make a serious difference and these sorts of products are only available from those qualified to handle them.


Emma is a nurse-practitioner who has been treating hyperpigmentation problems for many years. She treats each case on an individual basis, which is why a consultation is necessary in order to draw up an appropriate treatment plan. You’ll be in a safe pair of hands and can expect to achieve a more even skin tone as a result of the procedures you undertake with Emma.


Why does hyperpigmentation occur?


Quite often hyperpigmentation is the result of hormones. It can occur during pregnancy and when birth control pills are present in your system. It can also appear due to over exposure to the sun, skin trauma you have received, smoking, or even because of underlying health conditions. Celiac disease, Addison’s disease and Cushing’s disease are all main culprits.  Burns, friction, waxing, cysts, and acne can all be the source of the skin trauma which causes the excessive melanin.


Despite its many causes, hyperpigmentation responds well to particular skincare products and a number of cosmetic treatments. Your practitioner will be able to advise you as to the most relevant remedy for your skin.


How ZO Skin Health treats hyperpigmentation


ZO Skin Health is a trusted name in professionally prescribed skincare products. They offer a multitude of products to combat a variety of skin problems. Their skin therapy system products are specifically designed to help hyperpigmentation problems, which is does via a mild skin bleaching. It contains skin lighteners and retinol is a key ingredient. As well as evening up the skin tone, it can also address uneven skin texture problems.


Are you keen to remove your hyperpigmentation issues and achieve a clearer, more even skin tone? If so, Emma can help. Please give the reception team a call to book your consultation and we’ll take it from there. Once Emma has examined the problem area, she’ll be able to make a diagnosis and prescribe an effective course of treatment. Please get in touch.

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