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There are many products on the market that claim to provide clear skin and relieve spots and acne, but if you are a sufferer who has worked your way through all of them, without benefiting from them, you’re surely feeling very frustrated about the lack of remedy. It’s possible we can help.

Whether your skin is spotty because you’re going through puberty, or because your skin type is prone to spots, a face peel from our Inverness clinic may be able to provide some relief.

Face peels can only be applied by an experienced and qualified practitioner, which is why this treatment can often provide a more significant result than any product you could administer yourself; as a non-professional aesthetic treatment provider.

The peel solutions we use will be guided by your needs. We offer a number of different ones. In order to recommend and supply a peel that is most likely to have a positive effect on your individual skin, you need to book yourself in for a skin consultation with our experienced nurse practitioner, Emma, here at our clinic in Inverness.

Taking into account the appearance of your skin blemishes and your skin type, Emma will make a recommendation as to which face peel will suit you best. However, the peel application process is the same regardless of the ingredients of the peel solution.

How do face peels work?

On the day of your appointment, Emma will welcome you into the clinic, ensure you are comfortable in one of our modern, relaxing treatment rooms and then proceed to paint the face peel solution onto your skin. It will be left on your skin for a few minutes (the length of time may vary according to the type of face peel). You may experience a tingling sensation. The peel solution will then be washed away and cleansed.

Approximately 6 days following treatment, you’ll feel your skin start to harden and then peel away. A complete exfoliation of the surface layer of the skin that has been targeted by the peel solution will follow, revealing fresh, and unblemished skin tissue underneath. The fresh skin will be pink but once the pinkness fades, your skin should be clear and blemish free.

To find out more about how effective our face peels are and whether or not a peel from our Inverness aesthetic practice would benefit you, please give us a call today to book in your consultation with Emma.

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