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Once you’ve had lip fillers, you’ll want to keep that perfect pout looking its best and enjoy your gorgeous new smile for as long as possible. But until you need your next lip injections at our Inverness skin clinic – which could be in as many as 15 months following treatment – what can you do at home to help your lips stay their lovely new shape?

In this post, we’ll share our top tips for helping keep your lips big, bold and beautiful.


1) Stay sun protected

The sun’s UV rays can have damaging effects on our skin and bodies, and some even believe it can reverse the effects of your lip injections treatment. So, it makes sense to stay out of the sun as much as possible. But if covering up, sticking on a hat and avoiding the sun isn’t possible, why not incorporate sun protection into your skincare routine?  All it takes is a swipe of a lip care product that has added SPF.

2) Eat well

Diet can affect the appearance of your skin, hair, nails – and pretty much everything else, with a possible link to lip fillers. So, it makes sense to avoid those naughtier foods – some of which have been associated with breakouts and inflammation – and eat as healthy as you can.

3) Stress less

Whatever its cause, stress has been linked to ageing and the release of cortisol. So take time out for you, practice relaxation techniques and try to cut stressful situations, people and pressures from your life. Your lip fillers will thank you!

4) Follow good skin care

Keeping skin hydrated can have enormous benefits – and dry lips and skin can age your appearance. So, factor some moisturising products and lip care into your beauty routine to enhance the effect of your fillers.

5) Set up a treatment plan

Even though lip injections last a year on average, it makes sense to book in for your follow-up appointment, as leaving too long between treatments can leave you back at square one. We can advise when you’ll need to book in again so all you’ll have to do is save the date.

Why choose us

There are lots of fantastic reasons to book in with us. Emma J Lowe herself is a Registered General Nurse with Harley Street experience, and she can help boost results with other targeted, tailored treatments – such as botox or skin peels.


To book your lip injections with our Inverness skin clinic, please get in touch today.

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