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Beating acne can feel amazing, but what happens if we experience some scarring? At Emma J Aesthetics, our skin clinic can not only treat active acne, but any residual scarring too.

Acne can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and unsightly for those who suffer with it, and the signifiers of it don’t always disappear after you have tackled the spots. Acne scarring can appear as dimpled marks on the skin that have an uneven or bumpy texture. This scarring is caused by our body trying to heal itself by producing collagen that is intended to heal the sores. Instead, our body over-produces this collagen, which results in a dimpling effect on the skin’s surface that can be an unwanted reminder of your past with acne.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so it is perfectly natural to feel the need to take care of it and ensure it stays healthy. If you have acne scarring or active acne, then treatments with our skin clinic could help you regain your confidence in your skin once and for all.

Treating your acne scarring safely and effectively

Dermapen, a revolutionary microneedling treatment, is available by appointment at our skin clinic and is a great way to tackle acne scars. Dermapen uses tiny yet precise needles to penetrate the skin, triggering an internal healing process. By stimulating the skin to naturally and non-aggressively regenerate from within, we can treat acne scarring. This safe stimulation of the healing process can not only address your acne scarring but can also brighten and clarify your skin tone and quality.

Chemical peels at our skin clinic are also an effective way of targeting acne scars. Chemical peels work by lightly damaging the outer layers of the skin, removing dead skin cells and opening blocked pores to encourage a positive skin turnover that refreshes the face. Chemical peels at our Inverness skin clinic can even treat active acne, so your journey to clearer and smoother skin could both begin and end with a chemical peel by Emma J Aesthetics!

Acne can be hard to overcome, and sometimes the worst of it can seem to be over before we notice scarring, but we can help you take back control. Your skin’s health is our top priority, and at Emma J Aesthetics, Inverness, we offer acne scarring solutions accessible to all. We tailor your treatments to your individual skin needs, so you can achieve the best results. If you are experiencing unwanted acne or acne scarring, then don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a consultation at our skin clinic. Let’s start your journey to brighter, clearer, smoother skin together!

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