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When it comes to feeling good about ourselves, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside. A downside of accumulating signs of ageing, or putting up with deteriorating skin conditions is the effect it has on mental wellbeing. The Telegraph newspaper reported during Body Confidence week that over 10 million women are depressed about their looks.

Can you identify with this? Is there something that frustrates you about your look, an aspect of your face or figure that you’d love to change? Today we’re going to look at 7 common skin related disorders and their solutions with a view to helping you achieve more confidence in your appearance through a visit to our dedicated skin clinic.

7 Common Skin Conditions:

1. Lines and wrinkles: When our skin’s collagen and elastin levels drop, we become more likely to develop these signs of ageing. If your most prominent lines are on your forehead, you may benefit from anti wrinkle injections, containing Botox. Botox will prevent muscles from contracting temporarily and consequently, wrinkles from forming. If the lines are lower on your face, dermal fillers may be the answer.

2. Loss of skin volume: With age, our skin starts to look less plump and youthful. Lost volume can be replaced by dermal fillers injections. This is when hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin, where it soaks up water, creating a cushioning effect.

3. Loose facial skin: Gravity has a way of making our jawlines looser than they once were when we were young. Ultherapy can boost your collagen levels and give you back a more clearly defined facial definition.

4. Acne scarring: Acne scarring can seriously dent the confidence we have in our facial appearance. An effective way to give you fresher, clearer skin tissue is through Dermapen treatment. This is a microneedling method, that involves micro punctures being made to the affected area, in an attempt to trick the body into thinking it has a wound it needs to repair. Cell turnover rates will be increased and you should experience a rejuvenation of the surface layer of your skin.

5. Sun damage: Age spots are exacerbated by over exposure to the sun. Their appearance can be greatly reduced through prescription ZO skin products that our experienced nurse practitioner, Emma, can provide.

6. Pigmentation: An overproduction of melanin causes pigmentation problems resulting in an uneven skin tone. This is another condition that can be treated effectively through ZO skin products.

7. Stretch Marks: Again ZO skin products can reduce the effect stretch marks have on your appearance.

Start your skin transformation

To discover how we can potentially transform your appearance here at our Inverness skin clinic, please get in touch with the Emma J Aesthetics team. Following a consultation, Emma will be able to provide you with accurate advice on your best course of action to improve your looks.

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